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Dallas weed control services

For the best Dallas weed control services, contact Go Green. Our philosophy on weeds is that it is always easier to control weeds when they first start to appear rather than waiting for them to get out of control. Therefore, people who experience weed problems are better off calling us sooner than later. Of course, your best defense against weeds - which is also a natural one - is to have a healthy, thick, lush lawn right from the start. A healthy lawn is great at out-competing weeds due to its tight habit. In other words, the lawn doesn't permit any weeds from growing because there is no space for them to do so. Healthy lawns choke out these weeds.

Also, you might be surprised to learn that longer lawns are better equipped to fight off weeds. Longer lawns prevent weed establishment and make it much harder for weeds to grow. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are aware of this fact. If you mow your lawn to low or scalp it, you open the invitation for weeds to take hold. When Go Green manages your lawn care for you, weed control comes naturally. By taking the necessary steps to ensure that your lawn is green, full, healthy, and lush, weeds won't stand a chance!

Sadly, not all of our clients contact us for weed control services in Dallas when the problem is in its early stages. They wait until the entire lawn is overgrown with large weeds. Then, we have to take other steps, such as applying treatments, to beat the weeds back and regain control of the lawn. Remember, it is much better to mow more frequently at a higher setting than it is to cut the grass low. This will encourage a thick, healthy lawn.

Soil compaction is another open invitation for many different kinds of weeds. Grass struggles to grow in these areas, but many different kinds of weeds thrive in compact soil environments. When you hire Go Green, we will aerate your soil and make sure the soil isn't too compact.

Also, if possible, we would like to remove the weeds in your yard (if they are present) before they go into seeding. Remember the old gardening adage, "One year's seeding equals seven years weeding." Fortunately, you don't have to deal with the issue on your own because Go Green is here to help. We have a lot of customizable solutions for our clients, and in many instances, we can get weeds under control or prevent weed growth without spraying chemicals. For example, all weeds can be hand-weeded, as long as the roots are completely removed.

Another method is to fertilize the lawn and then mow it twice within a 21-day period. If we use the right grass, the tight growth habit will cause the weeds to struggle to take root. That is the best form of weed management - when weed growth is out-competed by the continued growth of the lawn. If you need to spray, or if you decide to spray, you will need to select a herbicide that is suited to your lawn.

Dallas weed control services



Dallas weed control services

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