Sod Installation MN

A beautiful lawn is a sign that the homeowner is proud of their property. A lavishly green lawn also exudes an aura of comfort for you and your family and even friends and pets. For commercial structures, the sparkly green lawn creates a good working environment and welcome more clients. That is why several property owners undertake sod installation projects.

However, for you to make sure your sod installation MN is done right, it is vital to hire an experience Sod installation company. Choosing the best sod installation company can be challenging though, and since not all companies deliver quality products and result. At Wagner Sod, we want you to know how to make the right choice when choosing a sod installation company.

Company Rating is Important

Before hiring any company for your sod installation MN, it is important to look for the ones that are rated in the industry. Plus, ensure you opt for the installer that has been able to create a good reputation for themselves. At Wagner Sod, we are well respected in the industry and have a lot of successful stories to back it up. When you do your research, you will find that we are one of the best sod installation company in Apple Valley, Burnsville, Inver Grove Heights, Eagan, or anywhere in the Twin Cities Metro area. And we have a lot of references available upon request.

Experience Counts

You want to see that the sod installation company has the experience required to do the perfect job. Several landscapers can offer the sod installation service, but not all can do great design work or proper installation. At Wagner Sod, we have been a part of the landscaping industry for about six decades, so we have all the experience needed to do the perfect sod installation.

Speak with a Representative

Before making the final decision to hire the prospective sod installation company, make an arrangement to talk to the necessary representative of the company. During this period, you can ask for a quote, and this is also the right time to ask all the questions related to the installation of your sod and the services that the company will be providing.

Sod Maintenance

Once you have found the right sod installation company for your need, you’ll need to figure out how the sod maintenance will be done. The best way you can sort this out is by discussing a detailed maintenance schedule with the sod installation company. This maintenance schedule should take into account the type of sod that is right for your yard to stay healthy for years to come.

After installing your new sod, here at Wagner Sod, we recommend our 4-step fertilizing program, among other things. This program gives your turf the nutrients it needs to nourish. Moreover, we also offer comprehensive details on how to maintain your lawns to get the best result.

Get to Know Us!

At Wagner Sod, we guide our clients through each stage of the sod installation process. And backed by decades of experiences, we are equipped to solve any issue we encounter along the way, including shade, irrigation, drainage, and other terrain and sod issues. Contact us today for a free quote on our products and services.

Sod Installation MN

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