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Part of a beautiful home is a beautiful lawn. Many people invest so much in their front yard and back yard just because it would say so a lot about the house as a whole. Considering as well that first impressions last, many of your visitors would keep coming back.

Our company is your best choice for lawn care services in the area because we do not just remove stray grass and mosses, we do quality and beautiful lawn care service for you and your family. After every service, we make it sure that we will leave a lawn that is comfortable and chill that your family and friends can bond in. Celebrate success and enjoy bonding moments with your loved ones in your lawn that has done our lawn care service.

If you are looking for the best, no need to search for more. Our company is your one stop shop for any lawn care quality service that is available anytime of the day. You can reach us through our hotline numbers or see us through our online website and our customer quality service will be happy to serve you. We are here for any of your tree care needs. And we are known to be the best stump removal company in charlottesville va, request a quotenow!

You should choose us!

That is because we are a tree service company with customer service as top priority. Our drive and reason in providing quality and professional tree service in the local area is to improve and develop by time our customer service that will match to every need and problem that customers may encounter. Why chose us? We have over 30 years of experience in local tree in charlottesville tree service tree removal services more specifically in stump grinding. We only use the state of the art stump grinding automated machines for our clients. So what are you waiting for? request a quote now! 

Another reason for you to choose us is because of our timely service, safe practices, effective methods and solutions, professional arborists and high technology machines. Keeping in line with our company’s mission, vision and goal, that is, to improve quality customer service in any tree services problem needed! As we are also considered to be the best tree stump removal service in the area, we are here to cater whatever tree care needs you will have. So if you happen to be in charlottesville va, and is in need of tree stump removal services, check us out. Free estimate! request a quote now!


Tree preservation

To maintain a tree services value, appeal and environmental benefits, conserve your tree care and improve its aesthetics. Our tree care preservation service will provide you options on how to better improve your tree care through pruning, trimming and pest management. We also treat old trees from diseases. Tree services care preservation or decay, we are here for any of your tree care needs. We are known to provide the best quality service in charlottesville va. We also offer stump grinding and all of our machines are state of the art, with that said, you can be assured that you only get the best out of our local tree services.

Affordable Tree Service

You may be worried that our services may seem costly because of the amount of investment we do for our tree service? No worries! Since being a company of customer service, we make sure that our tree pruning services are affordable and at a justifiable price. We have fixed rates for common services such as tree removals, tree trimming, and tree maintenance, and so on. However, for any specialized commercial & residential tree service in your request, we do pricing according to the amount of work needed. But do not worry because we give fair prices and we always make sure that you get the most out of your invested money. Even more! Aside from our affordable rates, we also offer the most services in charlottesville va in whatever tree care needs that you might have. And as a gift to our clients, we also offer lightning protection for them free of charge. We are considered to be experts in the stump removal business and has a proven track record of excellence during our 30 years in the tree removal industry. request a quote now! Avail our charlottesville tree service.

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Tree Removal & Services Benefits

  • Allows more sunlight for other surrounding plants
  • Keeps away branches and trunks from live posts
  • Less fallen leaves
  • Get rid of storm damage parts that could affect the whole tree
  • Heal ill stricken tree services
  • Avoid damage of houses 
  • Make use of the cut parts for furniture
  • Tree care maintenance for health and longevity
  • Lessen fire hazards

Benefits of a tree care Service Company

Take care of your tree’s health and give it a life it deserves!

The charlottesville tree as a living organism needs care to be healthy just like humans do. They need the proper care and maintenance in order to grow and thrive healthy leaves and fruits. And choosing a charlottesville tree care service company that will help you keep your trees healthy and avoids them from getting sick is very important. Aside from that, charlottesville tree care service companies also preserve your tree. And not only we can preserve your charlottesville tree, we also offer lightning protection to anyone who avails our services in charlottesville tree. Request a quote now and hire our tree care experts in charlottesville tree service.

Our certified arborists and tree care workers can protect the economic and historical value of your trees. Our tree service will also protect your charlottesville trees from possible storm damage from the roots to trunks and branches. Expect a charlottesville tree service that is centered into taking care of the over-all health of your tree. Aside from that, we also offer lightning protection for our clients.

We also do charlottesville tree service with customers safety in mind that is why we always human-proof trees in every service, especially in residential and commercial areas. This means, we take extra care and we consider the types and amount of people that the tree may pose threat in the future. Safety as the top priority is how we deal with ensuring customer service. We have are extremely known for our services in charlottesville va for having an impeccable and unmatched customer service and charlottesville tree service in the area. Aside from our impeccable service, we are also known in the industry of tree service removal as one of the best in the area and most especially in the stump grinding service.


Risk Assessment

To safeguard your family of future loss, determine your possibility of exposure to risk damages. Our company offers an assessment of the surroundings trees and locate trees that can be considered a risk and discuss strategies with you on how to minimize property damage and provide a preventive tree maintenance. We also offer risk assesment services in charlottesville va. We also offer risk assessment for tree stump removal, stump grinding and stump removal in the area. We are known in the area of charlottesville tree service to be one of the best in the industry most especially in stump griding and tree stump removal.

Why need a removal tree service company?

Indeed, beautiful sceneries are of trees swinging with the winds, a green and lush nature that is cooling to the eyes. But as we appreciate and enjoy our view, pruning tree stump may become a threat in strong storms and heavy weather. To be prepared in these situations and avoid possible dangers because of oversized trees, you need to cut down some of its parts and give room to grow fresh new ones. But you cannot just cut a removal tree stump on your own. That is why choosing a tree pruning services in charlottesville va to trust your tree stump cutting would be the best option.  We also have stump removal tree listed as one of our quality services.

We provide a variety of  top quality yet affordable  tree pruning quality services in local. Keep your trees at its best! Call us today and trust our expertise. Our removal tree stump grinding service workers and licensed arborists will work for you and do the heavy work instead.

To best reach our quality services, we make it easier for customers. Our strategically located branches are available for any removal tree service 24 hours a day and in emergency operations. We are equipped with insurance so no need to worry for any casualty and we will do the paperwork needed to submit to your insurance company. We will also assist you with your insurance claims for stump removal tree and charlottesville tree removal services. So what are you waiting for? Hire us now and avail charlottes tree removal service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is tree removal service?

A tree removal service is a company that comprises a team of professionals that are focused on a specific expertise, especially trees. Tree removal service companies offer a wide range of services for consumers in a specific location, and for our case, is Charlottesville.

What can a tree service do?

A tree service company tends to the needs of households who have problems with their trees. This includes stump grinding, trimming, pruning, and a whole lot more. Do keep in mind that each company has its own set of tree services. Luckily, Top Tree Service Co. has everything you need and nothing you don’t when it comes to tree services.

Why is it important to prune my trees?

There are several reasons why it is important to prune your trees. And this includes home safety, tree health, and aesthetics. Dead branches are a danger to your family. They can break and fall anytime without notice. And that’s why you need to have them removed by pruning as soon as possible. Pruned trees are also not only clean, but also beautiful to look at. They provide aesthetics to the area around your home. When it comes to tree health, pruned trees also live longer and can withstand different kinds of weather.

What is a certified arborist?

When choosing a tree removal service, always opt for one that has a team of certified arborists. They are people that are well-educated about trees. Certified arborists know how to properly cut down a tree, examine its health, and other technical matters that are related to trees. Here at Top Tree Service Co., we have plenty of certified arborists that you can hire. So rest assured that you are in good hands for all your tree service needs.

What are the benefits of hiring a tree removal service?

There are plenty of benefits that you can get in hiring a tree removal service. And this includes safety, prevents home damage, and saves you time & cash. Tree removal companies have a team of professionals that are experts when it comes to trees. So this means you don’t have to research tree removal on your own. It’s their job to help you out the moment you call them on your phone.

Why should I hire a tree removal company?

Removing dead branches, tree pruning, stump grinding should never be done all by yourself. Doing so involves a plethora of complicated tools and machinery that is not suited for an average user. With the help of a tree removal company, you can cast all your worries away and let the professionals do their thing. And if you’re looking for a tree removal company that truly knows how to handle tree problems and the like, Top Tree Service Co. is here to save the day.

What is your cleanup process?

Here at Top Tree Service Co., rest assured that no debris will be left behind. We know that tree removal service can be a bit messy sometimes. But you don’t need to worry about cleaning all those branches and leaves on your own because we got you covered for that.  

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