50 Trees

Get excited to grow and learn more about 50 trees with the Cat in the Hat - an ideal gift for nature lovers everywhere on Earth Day! The Learning Library of the Cat in the Hat is an easy, nonfiction book series that teaches beginning readers ages 5-8 about basic, interesting concepts about nature. It includes such "no bark" topics as "The Joy of Growing", "The Power of Three", and "The Big Picture". You'll also get an enjoyable, thorough explanation of how trees affect our climate, the environment, wildlife, and others.

The series consists of nine books. The first one, Why Tree Lifting? is about why you should think about lifting trees. With an introduction by Dr. Steven Van Zandt, author of "The National Geographic Book of Trees", this book is a good introduction to tree-lifts.

The second book in the series, Growing, is about caring for a tree. With an introduction by Dr. Helen Kopp, this book provides insight and encouragement for caregivers about the process of caring for a tree. It includes an informative section about common diseases that can affect trees, and tips about how to identify them. After reading this, you will feel ready to plan a tree-lift. This book also includes some interesting, humorous anecdotes about different caregivers and their special needs.

The third book in the series, The Tree House, is about three young people who want to build a tree house. Each wants to build a tree house that resembles a cabin in the woods. The three teens meet at a community center to discuss their ideas and draw some design ideas. This book also contains helpful sketches and blueprints, which you can follow.

The last book in this set, The Tree House Solution, is aimed at both teens and adults. It contains many tips on how to create your tree house, as well as practical information on using a tree house. With detailed drawings, this book is great for people who are building their first tree house. It also contains many recipes that you can use to decorate your tree house. This is very useful if you want to have some family fun while helping you learn how to make things easier and more fun.

These books are very helpful for anyone who wants to improve their garden. By having trees, you will be able to enjoy shade and beauty all year long. They will also help reduce air pollution. So with these books, you will save money and help the environment at the same time. So get a book today and read more about trees.

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