Are Dead Trees Dangerous

Are dead trees dangerous to be around? This is one question that has plagued homeowners for centuries with the fear that they were next. For many people, a beautiful mature tree adds beauty to a yard and the sight of one falling could fill us with dread. There are two sides to this argument however. It is important to understand both the pro and the con when it comes to using dead trees for landscaping.

A tree is considered "dead" when it has fallen completely from its natural state and is not growing back. The issue with this is that, in most cases, trees that are considered dead often have long remaining dangerous branches which can easily continue to pose a danger to people. In fact, some trees which are considered "gone" may have dangerous branches remaining which, if cut or carved, could cause injury. A fallen tree may appear perfectly healthy on the outside, but it may be hollow inside which makes it a real danger for those who approach it.

So, are dead trees dangerous to be around? Experts say yes, especially when dangerous branches are still remaining. However, it is possible to reduce this risk. When you decide to take on the task of tree removal or tree trimming, you should remove the dead, decaying, or damaged parts of the tree and then carefully remove any potentially dangerous branches before you start work.

Some homeowners believe that it is possible to remove fallen tree without damaging them. They think that you can make the hole so that water will not go through and eventually the tree dies from the lack of water. This method is not very realistic however, as water can actually cause more decay to occur in the core of the dead trees. Instead, what you need to do is to use a hydraulic winch to safely pull the branch away from the base. This step is also important because if water touches the roots of the falling branches, they can actually rot and this can create another dangerous situation.

You have to be extra careful when removing dead trees near power lines, because they are extremely fragile and can become even more dangerous after they have fallen. Aside from the risk of electrocution, brittle branches pose a greater danger because they can easily break and entangle someone. You should never try to cut down a dead tree with an axe, because the force of the impact can crack their skull. If you are unsure if the branch is too brittle, you should contact a local tree service to inspect it first.

If you are unsure about how to handle one of these felled trees, you should contact a tree expert immediately. Make sure that you are in a safe environment, because dead branches should never be pulled out. Even if you are sure that the branch is not dangerous to be cut, you should never attempt to cut it because it can seriously injure you. Dead trees should be removed as quickly as possible before the dead parts rot and turn toxic. You can prevent this by taking some extra precautions when you are around fallen branches.

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