Ash Tree Stump

The unstable handwriting on ash tree stump can at times be hard to read. The signs usually simply state the species of the tree, the estimated age of the stump and often criticize its removal. The message on one such stump near the junction of Pleasant Street and South Kenilworth Avenue says:

"There are many fine ash trees growing in and around your neighborhood. They make wonderful backyards. Many years ago when I went to sell my home on Pleasant Street a few blocks from here a lady stopped me and asked if I would not mind taking some of her trees. She wanted to get rid of them because they were growing so fast.

The ash trees that are in the neighborhood do grow fast but only if they have some space and good weather. The rapid growth is mainly due to a good supply of wood. In many places across the world people cut down these trees for the wood they make into furniture or other products. Some people even carve beautiful wooden toys from this wood.

Ash trees are not only cut down for their wood but also to clear a space for another building or a park. Sometimes, ash tree stumps are used as the bases for monuments or as a playground. There is a local ordinance in Hillsboro City that states that if you carve or chip a tree stump you may not place a monument or a bench on it. This does not mean, however, that you cannot place a bench in front of the stump.

One popular person who likes to carve something out of the trees is a baccy man. The baccy man's job is to take the stump to the forest and get some felling to use for his craft. The baccy man uses various tools such as chisels and hammers to carve something out of the trees. He can also chip out chunks from the trees to make things more interesting.

If you have an ash tree stump in your backyard you should look into keeping it from growing back. You can call someone from the Hillsboro Village Forester's office and see what they suggest. You could try talking to the property manager of your neighborhood to see if they have any ideas to help you with the problem. If all else fails, you could think about getting a baccy man to come and chip the stump for you. People love to get their names on things, such as statues and benches so why not put your name scottie ashtree in the construction of your new addition?

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