Bamboo Removal Services

"Precision Bamboo Removal is an Commercial/ Residential Company specializing in Bamboo Restoration, Bamboo Removal, Maintaining / Thinning of Bamboo Groves/ Trees / Bamboo transplanting, Installation of the Bamboo Barrier, we utilize only the most sophisticated machinery designed for use on residential properties, we will respect your property throughout our work and always do a great job." - tom | property | work} Tom started his business in 1997. To his surprise, he discovered all of the landscaping equipment he needed to get started, and that was one of them. With the help of his father, Tom began building what is now known as the Tom Bidock Landscape Equipment Company. Tom and his father have been landscaping ever since and are always on the look out for any new machinery or innovations to make the job easier and more profitable. When Tom first got interested in doing landscape work, he did not know what he wanted to do with his equipment until his father told him to build a fence. Tom Bidock's interest in landscape work did not last long, but his love of bamboo took him to a new place, and this is where his company name came from.

Bamboo is one of the more desirable landscaping plant and grass seed to anyone who is not into gardening or has little time or money for landscaping. Bamboo is a very fast growing, easy to maintain and quite beautiful. It is fast becoming one of the most popular grass seed to grow anywhere. Bamboo is used for many different types of yard work such as fence, shrub trim, flower bedding, bird feeders, gazebos, fruit trees, mulch, rock landscaping, and even bamboo removal services. Because of its popularity, it has caused an increased amount of bamboo removal services.

Some homeowners think that bamboo removal services are intrusive and that they will find their property invades private and public space. However, most people who use bamboo plants in landscaping, or any other type of plants that grow close to a home, do so unintentionally. They either did not know that they were planting the invasive grass to begin with, or they did not know how invasive it could be when it germinates. Neither of these things would have been an issue if the homeowner had known about the potential growth problems.

The most common way bamboo is removed from any landscape is through the pruning. This is done by cutting the bamboo shoots to desired lengths, then neatly chipping them off with lawn mowers. Another way bamboo removal services remove them is through a process known as laser beam phlebotomy. The laser beam causes the plant to die so it can be removed from the area without killing the plant or damaging it severely. Laser beam phlebotomy is often used when removing bamboo from low lying areas where water can easily penetrate the soil, such as patios or parking lots.

It is very important for homeowners on Long Island to realize that the bamboo plants that they plant will eventually grow all around them, possibly even reaching down into the basement if they are careful with their watering. As a result of this expansion of the plant, it will be necessary to remove it at some point. Long Island homes should check with their local nursery to find out what methods of bamboo removal services are commonly used. If it is possible, it may be worthwhile to hire a company to dig up and remove the invasive plant from your yard.

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