Big Trees In Front Of House

Do you love to sit under the big trees in front of your house? I do and I am sure you do this in the winter. However, I have noticed that in the summer season there are less and fewer of these magnificent creations. Why is this? If people start planting big trees in front of their houses in the summer it would definitely be a hit and they will start growing more.

The reason is that there is less sunshine during the summer. There are also fewer people around as we all know. So, why don't they plant these big trees? It's very simple actually. First of all they need to have permits as mentioned above for planting so if you are living in a town or city then it is best if you get the required permits before doing anything.

When it comes to big trees in front of house in summer season there are a couple of things that you need to consider. For one the size of the tree must be right because if you get a tree that is too small and it can't support the weight of the tree then it will fall and can cause some damage to your property. Then of course, the health of the tree is also important. So, you must get a trained arborist to examine the tree to see if it is healthy enough to be planted.

Another thing to consider is the shape of the tree. If you get a big tree which is shaped like an pyramid with no leafs on the lower side and two big trunk with big branches pointing downwards then it would definitely cause a lot of air conditioning problems. Air conditioning systems work on removing heat from the environment and if the tree is shaped like this it would be difficult for it to absorb the heat. As a result you might experience higher energy bills. However, if you take into account that the air conditioning costs would be much lower if you have a smaller sized tree in front of your house then maybe it's worth it.

Also, when it comes to big trees in front of house you must be careful about the roots. Some of the big trees have very deep roots and they can cause serious problems if you were to try and chop them down. Some people even lose their lives because of these deep roots. Always make sure that you have a professional tree surgeon inspect the tree for any problems before you chop it down. That way you will know exactly what you are chopping and what damage it will cause.

There are several other benefits as well when it comes to having big trees in front of your house. The first benefit is more security since big trees tend to block outsiders view. If you were to go out in the middle of the night you wouldn't be able to see anyone. This is especially useful if you have someone working at night in your yard and you need to sleep at night.

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