Biggest Tree In Georgia

The Georgia Aquarium's biggest tree is the Kakheti tree. Kakheti means "winged one" in Georgian. The shape of the tree is very unique, the exactitude of the growth is such that it cannot be compared with any other tree in the world. There are about seven and a half square feet of living area for this particular tree. Even though it takes up the biggest area in the natural forest it is far from being the most crowded.

According to the Georgia Aquarium this is the oldest tree in Georgia at the age of 900 years old. This means that it was planted just a few hundred years ago. The growth rate of this particular tree is quite exceptional and it can grow up to fifty feet per year. It is only a medium sized tree so it has a decent spread but it does not spread too fast. As a matter of fact it will take up almost ten acres of land if it were to grow at its full potential.

The first thing that people will notice about the Kakheti is that it stands out among all other trees in georgia. In order for the tree to grow and reach the massive proportions that it now has to offer it would have to spread over a large area. It is extremely unlikely that the growth rate of this tree will allow it to do this. If this fact is realized then the biggest tree in Georgia would have to be the Bald Cypress.

Another characteristic of the Kakheti that sets it apart is the amazing story that has been told about it. Some people say that it was planted by the first man to live in the city center of Georgia. Others say that this tall tree was planted by a princess. Nobody has any idea who really planted this giant tree, but it still stands tall today at almost nine hundred feet in height. This is more than twice the height of the tallest tree in the entire state.

If it was going to be possible for the largest tree in georgia to survive the climate and soil that is found in the city center then there has to be some kind of record for it. This is why a lot of people are wondering what is so special about the kakheti. This tree is a keystone that stands as a testimony to the people of Georgia. Every time that there is a conference in the city center of Georgia these trees are planted. They are planted in memory of the people of the state.

There is no doubt that the kakheti is a great example of a living tree. The next time that you are looking for a living thing to use as a yard ornament or as a gift wrap that you give to your family or friends just remember that the kakheti will always have a place in your heart. The Georgia state flower is also known as the timer's tree. This tree has lived for almost a thousand years and is still thriving today. This is definitely an amazing specimen that should be considered when you are looking for something to accent your garden or landscape.

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