Branch Removal Cost

Tree removal can be a complicated and expensive task. However, if you have an established tree in your yard, you will not need to get it removed immediately. If the tree is not causing a hazard to your property, and it is not killing or harming people or pets, you should consider having the tree completely removed. This does not always mean cutting it down; sometimes trees are just too large and unhealthy to deal with. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to have the tree planted in a new location. There are a few options you have when it comes to having your tree removed or replaced.

Palm tree removals tend to be the most popular way to deal with a dead or dying branch. This method involves cutting the branch off, then waiting until it falls off. You then need to cut it again, and then wait a third time before removing it. Because this method can take quite a few hours, it can cost you quite a bit of money. The average Palm tree removal cost is about $350 to remove a medium sized branch (over 19 feet).

Trimming smaller branches is another option. This method is less expensive, but not as fast. Instead of cutting the branch off completely, you chip away at it, until it becomes thin enough to be removed easily. This can be done with a pair of hacksaw blades, or a chain saw. Since the branches are usually shorter than the width of the trunk, they do not usually require a large pruning cut.

Free estimates can also be provided by local tree removal companies. They are very likely to charge you for this, since there are many expenses that are taken into consideration when they give you the free estimates. These include: hiring employees, getting the site inspected, getting the site cleared off, etc. A tree trimming company may also charge you for their vehicle to transport your branch trimmer to the site, and for their gas for their vehicle to get to the site.

Tree removal costs depend on how many trees need to be removed. Some arborvitae can be removed by a single person using a simple arm extension. Other trees may need more than one person to remove them. Once the tree is removed, the stump needs to be removed also. Stump removal costs are often much higher than the actual tree removal costs. Sometimes, a stump will not only be removed, but also planted back.

The cost of to plant the new tree is often more than the tree removal cost. Some arborvitae also need to be replanted. Once the root ball is created, the new arbor is placed into place. Depending on the type of arbor you have, it will take anywhere from one to three years for the tree to grow to full size and maturity. It will also take at least two to three years for the roots to fully adjust to their new location. The time line can be very variable, depending on the type of arborvitae and the surrounding conditions.

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