Business Tree

For any small business owner, a crucial aspect of business growth is the ability to attract and retain key employees. An integral component of Business Tree management is the ability to recruit a diverse workforce that shares the same entrepreneurial vision, enthusiasm and commitment to patient health care as initial founders. While retaining the core business values of innovation, sharing of information and customer service, successful managers seek people who will contribute creatively to improve the business's overall growth and their personal, as well as their company, interests. When selecting top talent, business owners seek candidates with knowledge and experience in a wide variety of business functions, including:

Building an effective business requires a certain amount of trial and error to yield the desired results. A good analogy for identifying and nurturing winning employees is to apply the principles of a tree-hugger-planting. This process starts by identifying a small "chid" that needs protection from harmful predators. The plant grows into a magnificent "tree" that provides the much needed protection, nourishment and support to the vulnerable "larva."

Once the "larva" is sufficiently protected, it spreads out and spreads its branches across the environment, eventually covering the area needed by the entire plant. This analogy is useful when seeking employees, since the goal is to grow the most powerful, resilient, adaptable and talented employees possible. As the "larva" grows and spreads, the business must continue to add new branches and twigs to maintain and enhance support for the vulnerable main trunk. The process debt cycle is similar to the growth cycle of a tree-hugger.

As a general rule, larger companies often look for and recruit experienced leaders. In most cases, however, the organization consists of small departments with limited authority, little-to-no expertise in certain niches, and/or a long history of poor performance. This type of business is like a tree that needs a strong trunk to climb and grow. A good analogy for this type of organization is one with a weak trunk that needs constant attention to keep it healthy and robust.

When we hire and engage the most capable leaders, we also need to grow the tree. A great way to do this is through training and development. In addition to providing the tools, methods and strategies necessary to help our leaders grow, we also need to provide leadership development programs to help everyone grow. Just as we need to train a new employee with a strong trunk and healthy branches to climb to success, similarly we need to train those who are leading to continue to grow their skills and adapt to ever-changing circumstances. This is why we encourage our employees to be "green" and participate in a program of leadership development. When our leaders are healthy and powerful, they can successfully climb the tree of success.

As you can see, a business needs both an internal and external business tree to grow. It's only when the trunk of the tree is strong that it can support the entire structure. Building the strongest foundation for your business starts with hiring a leader who has the potential to grow the business. As your business grows, the support you give to your leaders will strengthen that growth, and the result will be a successful and sustainable business growth.

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