Charlottesville Storm

" Charlottesville Storm" by Keith Geddes is a very fun romp through history. It is a book that will not only make you laugh, but give you insights and ideas that will be helpful to understanding American history better. In this volume, Geddes takes a look at the Civil War, and how the blood of millions of Americans would change if it were reversed and the Union was victorious. A number of key battles are described, and why they were important or not.

Many people today do not realize just how much hate speech was allowed to take place in the years before the First World War. The author tells us the full story about what happened in the months leading up to the war. The author also gives an account of the white power mob violence that occurred in the weeks prior to the war. This book is a great look into an otherwise unnoticed chapter of American history. People will find this interesting and even enjoyable.

The story starts as a young man named Sam Parker is getting ready to leave for college. As he is driving down the peaceful streets of Virginia he sees the horrific events of the day prior. The Albemarle Tourist's Ferry has capsized killing over a hundred people. This tragic event rouses Sam Parker who then heads off to the city to find out what happened. What exactly happened during the mayhem that day?

While on a tour of the city, he is attacked by a group of Ku-Klux-Klugs. They have come to the city to partake in the white power march. As the group makes their way through the streets they attack minorities indiscriminately. One of their victims was Mary Phagan who was walking her dog along the sidewalk when she was attacked.

In this timely story, we learn what happened on that fateful day. It is a story that is not only relevant today, but one that gives insight to what would happen if similar things happened in our own country. It is a very grim and well thought out read with a gripping ending. It is one of the best non-fiction books I've ever read.

Charlaine Harris was a finalist for the National Book Award for "A Brief History of Blackshirts." Her inclusion in this book is a great honor considering all the other deserving writers that were given the chance to be recognized. This is a marvelous book and I recommend it highly to those who like to think ahead. A book such as "A Brief History of Blackshirts" will no doubt entertain and provide insights into what might happen if the government attempted to bring back the military era.

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