Correct Way To Fell A Tree

So you want to know the correct way to fell a tree? It's not always as simple as one would think. Many people simply throw away their axe and pull down a tree without considering the possible consequences, which could include injury to themselves or even damage to other property. The following are tips on how to fell a tree safely.

First of all, never pull a tree. Always look at it from the ground and determine how steep the branch is before you attempt to chop it. This is especially critical if you're cutting a tree that is several hundred feet away. If you don't have the proper skills or equipment, then it is absolutely unwise to attempt to fell a tree in this manner. Even if you manage to get your hands underneath the tree in a way that isn't too dangerous, you run the risk of falling off and breaking your arm.

The next thing to consider is where you are going to be chopping. If you are unsure of the direction of a fallen tree, try not to walk directly into it or you could cause your head to snap back and hit the side of your head. While falling backwards is definitely possible, walking straight up into a tree and causing an injury isn't as easy to do as it seems.

Before beginning chopping, make sure that you are following the branch's direction. For example, if a tree is located near a fence, then you should be chopping directly at its base. On the other hand, if the tree is located far away from any structures, then you should move in a directions away from the branches. Always make sure that you are moving in the right direction so that you don't permanently damage a tree as you are removing its limbs.

When you begin chopping, don't cut all of the way through the tree. Instead, remove only as much of the stem as is required to get to the "severed" branch. Once you have gotten all of the stem, stop and carefully remove the remaining limbs. Do this in small steps and remember to always watch where you are walking, or you could accidentally break a limb and fall. Once you've reached the end of the tree, carefully pull the limbs back into the tree and place them in a secure place for safe keeping.

While many people may think that felling a tree is something that they can do without proper training, it is actually one of the most important tree care techniques there is. Therefore, when choosing how to fell a tree, it is important to follow all of the necessary safety precautions. If you aren't sure what you are doing, consult a tree specialist before attempting to fell a tree. If you need more information about proper felling procedures, then consult a local landscaping company or search online for instructions on felling trees.

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