Cost To Cut Down Tree And Grind Stump

What do you do if you know that your home has a huge tree in the middle of your yard that will take over and cause a big problem with your landscaping and it would cost you tons of money if you are to attempt to cut it down? Many people try to trim down their trees because they know it is an expensive task that can be avoided, but if you don't know what to do in these situations you could end up spending more money than you have. If you are one those individuals that does not want to waste money doing something that you know could potentially make the situation worse you should consider learning how to cut down a tree and grind stump yourself. Here is a step by step guide on how you can learn the skill and become an expert at it.

The first thing you will need to know is where to find your tree. You need to get rid of the stump as quickly as possible because you don't want the ground to become contaminated. If the stump has been around for quite some time you might need to dig it up and if you do this you will need a large space to move your tree and stump. If you have a smaller yard you should be able to chop it down to size yourself but in case you are unsure you should contact a contractor who specializes in this kind of work.

Once you have cleared out the area where your tree and stump are located the next thing you will want to do is look at the roots. If the root ball has been affected then you should use a pry bar to loosen it up and if it has not then you should look into getting a tree surgeon to cut it for you. If the root ball has not been affected then you will need to dig it up and if you don't have a truck you should call a tree removal company to dig it up for you.

Once your stump has been removed you will need to take it back to the tree doctor. They will remove the dead tree part from the root ball and re-seed it with a healthy tree cuttings. After the re-seeding you will need to let it sit for about two or three days to get back to its normal growing pattern. If you are worried about it not growing back after the waiting period then you should contact a tree removal company before hand to make arrangements.

Once it has sat for a while it will need to be removed by a stump remover. A stump cleaner should be used to cut the stump away from the ground and into small pieces. Once the stump has been removed you should rinse off the ground and apply a strong fungicide to help keep it from growing back. Once you have washed it off you should spread some fertilizer over the ground around where the stump was sitting.

Once you have finished the job by removing all parts of the tree and clearing the area, it is time to cut down the tree and grind the stump into gravel. This will take a lot of work but you should have no problem with doing it yourself. Once the ground is cleared you will be left with nice open space for the next step of your project.

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