Cost To Remove Tree Stumps

It is not uncommon for homeowners to want to know how much it will cost to remove tree stumps. Stumps are unsightly and can make your yard look unsightly. They also are an eyesore as they can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Many homeowners wonder if they should call a professional to remove a stump themselves or if they should hire a company to do it for them. There are pros and cons to both options.

Professional companies usually charge a fee based on the size of the stump. The cost to remove tree stumps varies according to the type of equipment available, where the stump is located, and what part of the country you live in. The average price to remove a stump is between two to four dollars depending on the diameter of the stump. On a per foot basis, expect to pay between sixty to three hundred or more dollars for a single stump.

If you choose to take care of the removal yourself, you will need a good piece of equipment. You should look for a power grinder with a diamond blade. The purpose of this tool is to cut down the root system so that it cannot grow back again. A chain saw can also be used to cut down the tree stump but it is not recommended for tree removal by hand. If you do decide to use a chain saw, practice using it at home before you go out and attempt to cut down a large tree.

Another option to consider is to hire a DIYer to come in and use a power saw, and then remove the stump from the ground. You will need approximately three hours of time to remove the stump and set up a secure place for it to stay until the stump is removed. This is often a great way to get a couple of pounds paid off your entire summer bill! The cost to remove a tree stump can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars depending on the difficulty of the stump and the amount of work needed to get it out safely.

Tree removal prices also depend on how big the stump is. The bigger it is, the more expensive it will be. If you have a smaller tree stump than you can easily remove it yourself. However if you have a bigger tree you may want to call in a professional to take it away.

Tree removal is often considered to be one of the most expensive maintenance tasks. However there are ways to make removing a stump less time consuming. There are specialized attachments you can buy to help you loosen the thick fibers of wood. Cutting them yourself with a chainsaw could be an expensive mistake.

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