Cost To Remove Tree

How much does it cost to remove tree roots? Every landscape contractor knows the answer: "it depends." Local governments mandate the removal of trees, so if a homeowner wants to plant flowers or re-green lawn in a given location, they will be required to get their city's permission first. Once the permit is granted, a certified arborist will come out and evaluate the work. Then, based on the arborist's findings, a tree removal contractor will calculate how much it will cost to remove the tree.

Average Cost to Remove Tree/Stump Usually, a tree removal contractor will require that you first remove the stump. This usually requires digging up the area where the stump is located. To make it easier on yourself, take a few moments to calculate the diameter of the stump before you start digging. Enter the diameter of the stump into the web calculator to determine the best time to plant flowers next to the stump.

If the tree is very heavy, consider using back hoes to cut down the tree. A tree stump can weigh several hundred pounds when fully grown and it can easily grow up to a foot each year. A good way to determine how much tree to remove is to get the stump measurements and add two to three feet to them to get the best tree to remove. Also, if the tree is more than ten feet in circumference, consider removing more than one tree to fit in your landscape plan.

Determine the Area You Will Be Removing The area of the landscape affected by the pruning will depend on what trees you are removing. A circular tree care cutter is useful for cutting large branches. Also, depending on the amount of space you have, you may want to use a pruning saw or hire a tree surgeon to perform the cutting.

Calculate the Average Cost Per Tree The cost to remove a single tree varies depending on the type of tree you are removing and the site you are removing it from. The following lists explain average cost per tree for common trees found in the United States. If your tree falls outside the above list, there are a few things to consider: the average weight of your tree, the specific location where it is growing, and if the local government has any tree planting regulations. However, by knowing the average cost per tree, you can estimate how many trees you would need to remove to match or fit into your landscape plan.

Remove Pruning Marks If you are removing trees in preparation for winterization, you should always check to make sure no damage has been done. Look under the tree for cuts, cracks, or decay. In addition, if you find branches that have broken off, do not prune them until after they have healed completely. If you damage a significant number of branches before they heal, you will have an increased repair bill.

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