Cutting Down A Redwood

Redwood trees in California are some of the most famous and well-loved trees on the planet. For almost fifteen centuries, they have been used for everything from building things to driving trails. The state of California has protected about five million acres of the redwoods and their surrounding areas. But what can you do if you live in an area that might not be protected?

For starters, it would be wise to contact your local state or county government to find out what you can do about preserving the trees. Some states will allow you to cut down a redwood, but it depends on the type of tree as well. You could get permission to take the tree away if it is overgrown or dangerous, but there are still certain restrictions. For example, if the root ball is damaged, you might not be able to cut it down. If the tree has already reached the danger point, it would be illegal to take it out.

Most experts recommend leaving trees in place if they are not harming anyone or if there is no shortage of nutrients. However, certain types of trees, like the California Redwood, require special attention for health reasons. One way to recognize whether a tree is suffering from a disease or whether it needs to be removed is by looking at its "canary flag." Named after the town of Redwood, the canary flag looks like a small, dark brown needle.

Redwood trees in the Rourke River area have many large, old tree trunks that are now hollowed out. Trunks break down because of water, wind, and insects. The "canary flag" is actually the inside bark. You don't need to use a torch to see it; the Rourke River is a good place to go. When cutting down a Redwood in the Rourke River area, make sure to wear long pants, long sleeves, and a protective hat. It's best to be as far away from the tree trunks as possible to avoid accidentally cutting them.

Even if you don't want to use a rope or a saw, you may still want to get rid of some of the Redwood trees that litter the area. Getting rid of trees is a major part of being an environmentally responsible Redwood Park Ranger. After all, trees take more than just oxygen to grow, they also take carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. If you're willing to do your part for the environment, it makes sense to also help the Redwood trees and their habitats by cutting down trees in a surrounding park.

There are two different ways to cut down trees in the park: You can use a chainsaw or a bow chisel. Both of these tools can make short work of trimming trees. Chainsaws often need to be used on large trees; the largest trees in the park, including those in the top twenty feet of the trees will usually need to be felled using a chainaw. The biggest trees in the park will usually have to be felled using a bow chisel. Bow chisels can be used on smaller trees and can produce great results as well.

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