Cutting Pine Tree Roots

Cutting pine tree roots in preparation for winter is not the best practice. The reason is the potential problems it can cause. If you are cutting the root ball, the potential to damage the tree is great. Cutting pine tree roots before winter when they are a nuisance or a danger will most likely result in the weakening of the tree. Severing roots closer to the base than 8 feet away from the trunk can cause the loss of valuable nutrients and water collection can result in decay and wind damage can bring down the tree.

The risk of injury increases if the cutting is done by an unqualified individual. This can occur if the tree has been left unattended or if the tree is not pruned properly. Many times it is the case where the homeowner does not know how to deal with cutting pine trees roots that are getting close to the foundations. You do not need any training to accomplish the task. As long as the homeowner has some basic knowledge about how trees work and some basic tools, then it can easily be done.

Most times a homeowner will want to cut back the tree where it is close to the foundations to get rid of the problem and lessen the risks of freezing. This method should only be used when the tree is more than eight to ten feet tall. If the tree is much shorter than this, it will pose a much bigger problem in the future. As soon as the cutting is done, the roots will soon start weakening and eventually will break off and fall. This will create a huge mess that will be very difficult to clean up. The chances of this happening are high during the winter months especially when it is cold outside.

It is very important to remember that cutting pine tree roots should only be done on trees that are less than eight to ten feet tall. If the tree is taller than that, it will just pose a bigger problem in the future. One reason why some trees have shallow roots is because of the way in which they were planted. Some trees were planted with deeper roots that penetrate the ground and make their way to the top of the tree. If this is done, it can weaken the tree significantly and create a danger of freezing.

There are many ways to test the depth of the pine tree root systems in your soil. For starter, you can dig around the trunk of the tree and look for the root ball. If you see a round hole, there is a good chance that the tree has shallow roots. You can also place your hand in the hole and feel the way it is connected to the trunk. If there are soft layers of skin and it feels warm to the touch, then there might be deeper roots present.

A great way to determine whether or not you should trim your trees roots is by looking at the crown of the tree. If the crown starts to droop and looks like it needs a rest, then it might be a good idea to cut the tree's roots. There are many other reasons as well why some trees behave differently, but it is best to know these before you start trimming.

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