Do You Need A License To Cut Trees In Florida

Trees are an important part of our landscape in Florida and around the world. They provide shade and beauty and provide people and wildlife with shelter from the weather, year round. It is illegal to cut down a tree without a license in Florida. There are certain things that a licensed tree surgeon in Florida can do to ensure that the tree will not be damaged and will grow back in a healthy and upright condition. A licensed tree surgeon in Florida can diagnose what type of tree is going to need treatment and make recommendations for how it should be treated and where it should be planted.

There are two main categories of tree services in Florida. There are tree services that provide tree removal and other tree services. There are also tree nurseries that do not remove trees but only grow them. Some nurseries have been established for over 100 years, while others have only been operating for five or ten years. The most important thing to remember when you decide to hire a tree service or a tree expert is that you will have to purchase a cutting permit from your local government.

All of the tree service and tree nursery workers that are certified by the Florida Drought Management Board must have a government issued cutting permit in order to trim, fell, remove, and otherwise take care of your trees. The permits that they have must be renewed every year and it is highly recommended that you have one before you hire their services. Do you need a license to cut trees in Florida? If the tree will be located outside of your home and attached to your home, and it will be receiving a considerable amount of sunlight, you will need to check with the Florida Department of Agriculture for the rules and regulations that must be adhered to with regards to the size of the limbs that need to be cut.

The second thing that you need to know when you're considering to cut down a tree in Florida is that all laws and regulations pertaining to cutting down trees will still apply even if the tree is located outside of your home. You will still need to obtain a property insurance policy in order to protect yourself and your belongings, as well as any other damage that may occur to your property due to the removal of a tree. If the tree that you're removing from your yard is deemed dangerous, it may not be cut down unless it is significantly smaller than six feet in diameter. Even if it is a tree that has already fallen on your property, and it is only a few hundred feet away, you still need to purchase a property insurance policy so that you can protect any belongings inside of your home. Without insurance, you could suffer serious financial loss if you were to lose something of value as a result of your homeowner's association's code enforcement removing a tree that was considered unsafe.

It is very important to keep a safe distance from a tree that you plan to cut down. The last thing you want is to end up cutting down a big tree that is close to your house or other buildings. In Florida, trees that fall in any surrounding area can be removed by local law enforcement without first obtaining a license. If you are cutting down a tree in Florida that is close to a home, you must also prepare to pay for removing the stump, removing the branches that may come off of the tree, or purchasing a proper stump remover in order to properly remove the stump from your yard without endangering nearby structures. Many people end up having to pay hundreds of dollars in order to remove a tree that has fallen on their land without first obtaining a license. Always remember that if a tree falls on your property, it may be necessary for you to seek out a professional to remove the tree safely and without damaging nearby structures.

A tree service is the last place that someone needs to look when they're wondering "Do you need a license to cut trees in Florida?" When you're searching online for a company that will do this for you, it's a good idea to search for a company that has been licensed in the past. Most companies will have testimonials and ratings from satisfied customers. You'll also want to search for a company that uses cutting edge technology when it comes to tree felling and removal. Today, there are several new technologies that will make felling trees and removing them easier than ever before, so don't settle for old school technology when it comes to removing trees on your property.

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