Fallen Tree Removal Cost

Are you a homeowner who has fallen victim to a fallen tree? You may feel fortunate enough to have only suffered minor injuries as a result of the tree falling on you, but think about the costs if you were in serious condition and unable to move after the tree fell. Many people have even lost their lives after a tree has fallen on them. Luckily, there are companies out there who are prepared to offer their services in removing fallen trees. If you would like to know what the average cost of a fallen tree removal is, you can find out this information by checking with your local city or county.

The first thing you need to know when finding out the average cost of a fell tree removal is that these costs are typically higher for residential customers. Fallen trees that have fallen on a home typically cost an average of two hundred fifty dollars per ton of weight. The amount of money it will cost to remove a tree that is larger than eight feet in diameter is typically even more. Fallen trees that have fallen on a home typically have more structural damage than other types of trees. This means that the cost is typically much higher.

The average cost of a felled tree removal is usually greater if the home owner is not using the yard for other purposes such as a garden. Companies who specialize in removing fallen trees typically only service residential customers. If a home owner is renting the lot for their own use, they will pay the fees for the towing services up front and then hire a crew to come and remove the trees once they are removed from the lot. These fees are typically much less than it costs to hire a crew to remove the trees in the event of a natural disaster or a situation where the homeowner does not have access to the lot. Landscaping companies are also able to handle the transportation of the fallen trees so the costs of removal are typically spread out over several landscaping projects.

When a homeowner wants to know how much their fallen tree removal cost, they should ask what the average price is. In some cases, companies who specialize in removing large trees may charge as much as one hundred dollars per ton of weight. While a fallen tree may weigh several tons, the price to remove this tree may be several hundred dollars, which is why many homeowners do not expect to pay this much when they contact a tree removal company.

The average cost is based upon how large the tree is, how it is damaged, and what services the towing company and landscaper will charge for removing the tree. Landscapers may bill a client according to square footage, while towing companies are likely to bill based upon the distance they need to drive to get rid of the tree. They will also include the fees for pickup and delivery, depending on whether the client chooses to use their own vehicle or hire a truck. The average cost of a towing or removal service is usually more expensive than the average cost of a felling company.

Landscape companies can also bill their clients based upon the tree's size. The larger the tree, the more square footage it typically requires. Smaller trees are typically easier to take care of and do not necessarily require more time. If the towing company needs to make any changes to the landscape, they will bill the customer based upon those changes. The average tree removal cost is usually fairly small, but some landscaping companies charge more based upon their experience with larger trees.

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