Fallen Trees Near Me

Falling trees are a common occurrence in Florida. The Orlando-Dade County metropolitan area is known for its tree Removal Service due to the numerous branches of trees that fall on the roads and driveways almost every day. I live on the southern end of Kissimmee, off U.S. Highway 40 East into Winter Springs. My wife has a small country club home right next to our lake view property, and we use our lake for water skiing and for an assortment of other water-based activities like swimming, boating, wakeboarding, etc. About two years ago, when our little daughter went to a friends house and asked where we could go for a picnic, I never even thought about not removing the fallen trees near our house, as we have always done, but I was very glad I did when I noticed several limbs sticking out from beneath the leaves of one large tree we were removing.

I immediately called our local tree removal service which is just across the street from our house. Their guy came over and saw the mess and was able to take the branches down without hurting our daughter who was playing on the beach across the yard. The felled branches made quite a mess while he was removing them, and it was a quite a bit of work for him. When he was finished, our daughter's friends were so impressed with what he had done that they told him they would be hiring a tree removal service of their own. We were glad we didn't have to pay more!

Just recently, another group of limbs fell beside our tree. They were removed by a tree service guy who was very careful not to hurt the branch which he cut, but the rest of the branch was damaged and needed someone to fix it before it damaged the surrounding trees. It wasn't hard for him to cut them, and he left no scars on the branch which was extremely helpful for us because we had actually seen the damage caused by these branches before they fell. What a great experience it has been to watch a tree fall.

We also have a dog at home, Sam. He loves to play around in the trees, but when he started biting the limbs a few weeks ago, we knew something was wrong. We told him not to play there anymore, but he just kept going and playing. About a week later, one of his fingers got stuck in a branch and he broke it. We rushed him to the vet and he was put under anesthesia and was fixed up nicely. I am so happy that we were able to get him the help he needed so quickly.

We have a beautiful little cottage right next door to our house that is shaped like a green house. We have trees all around the cottage, and they are actually climbing up towards our little house. We have never had a problem with them, but it has been a very long time since I have had to deal with fallen trees. The other day, I was out walking the other way and I saw two small boys playing in the bushes next to our pond. I went over and talked to them for awhile, until I realized that they were probably afraid of the trees, so I picked them up and brought them to my cottage.

There are a couple more things that I would do if I had a bigger back yard. First, I would have some kind of sprinkler system or something that could keep the tree roots from growing near my house. Also, I would use some kind of netting that would catch the limbs, but not the leaves. Netting works really good near the ground.

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