Felling Large Trees

Many people think that felling large trees is only a professional job and not something for amateurs. However, the fact is that anyone with an appropriate skill set can fell trees. There are many types of chainsaws on the market today and each one has its own distinct feature and style. While it is possible to learn how to use a chainsaw it is also very possible to purchase a chainsaw that is already used and in good condition. Before purchasing any chainsaw it is important to take time to consider the following:

When a felling large trees a major concern is finding an escape route after the tree begins to fall. If the tree begins to swing and make loud noises it may be a good idea to find an area with some cover so that you can protect yourself from flying debris and injury. A good place to sit and watch the felling could also be a place where a ladder can be attached. Utilizing an exit route after the tree begins to fall is important as if the tree falls and crashes into anything below it such as concrete or a power line, there will be a lot of structural damage and a lot of noise.

Another safety issue that is important to consider is that of using the right size chainsaw for the task at hand. While felling large trees at home is generally a simple task involving little more than adjusting the cutting depth and the length of the chain, felling small trees can be much more dangerous if you are not careful when you are cutting. It is important that the chainsaw you select has a lot of teeth so that you have plenty of teeth on either side of the branch that you are cutting and a large enough cutting diameter to cut through the entire diameter of the log or branch.

The experts say don't split the wood. While this might seem logical it is actually one of the biggest mistakes you can make while felling large trees. You will often find people cutting logs and branches with their chainsaws and while they may get the job done fine, splitting the wood increases the chance of serious injury to you or your family. Instead, try to trim the log or branch in one fell swoop with a good quality chain saw.

Use heavy-duty chainsaws for felling large trees and heavy construction woodworking lumber. The chainsaws work under much higher tension which means they can take more pressure when cutting thicker and larger pieces of wood. This is why the pros tell you to use chainsaw for felling trees and heavy construction lumber instead of doing it with your hands. The chainsaw works like a professional demolition team when it comes to felling heavy trees. Plus, with a heavy-duty chainsaw, you can trim trees much faster than you could if you were hand trimming.

Finally, don't underestimate the cons when felling large trees. You really do increase the risk of injury when using gas chainsaw. Also, you are not sure if you will be able to control the speed the chainsaw goes. However, if you take these pros into consideration, then the pros outweigh the cons when felling trees with gas chainsaw.

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