Grass Dying Over Tree Stump

Many people have seen a huge difference in the growth of their lawn after removing a tree stump. But the question remains, if you remove a tree stump, does that mean your grass will also die? The answer is no. Stumps can sometimes be a liability to your grass. They can cause the roots to spread into your grass causing it to wither and die. Tree stumps can also get in the way of the water running off your lawn sprinkler system or the flow of water from your pool.

Before removing a tree from your yard, the first step is to dig it out of the ground. This means you will have to dig around the root system, which will require a shovel. If you don't have access to a shovel, you might consider renting one from a local landscaping supply store. Just keep in mind that the deeper the roots are, the harder they will be to remove, so plan on using more tools than you might have originally planned.

After digging the stump out of the ground, make sure you take all of the root balls and small pieces with you. Remove as much of the stump as possible without harming the grass and don't forget the rocks and gravel too. Make sure you remove all of the roots and wood from the area of the stump as well. This will allow you to properly place your grass and prevent the roots from spreading any further into your yard. Be careful not to damage the roots by picking at them, as this can also cause damage to your grass.

After the tree stump has been removed, you will need to work on removing the grass. The easiest and least invasive method for removing tree stumps is to simply use a sharp lawn mower blade and carefully cut the stump away from the grass. It is important to keep from cutting the grass too far down as to leave open space for new grass to grow. If you are cutting too much grass away, you may find it necessary to consult a professional tree removal company. Most companies will be able to give you an estimate and will be able to remove the stump in one day, possibly even sooner. If you are unsure about removing a tree stump yourself, don't hesitate to call in the professionals.

There are other ways that you can remove tree stumps other than simply cutting them away. Some homeowners choose to hollow out the stump and place a compost material inside. This creates a dark and moisture-free environment that allows the grass to grow without being eaten away by the earth. Another way of removing tree stumps is through the use of a high pressure or water jetting system. These systems blast water at the stump, killing any root systems in the process and quickly reducing the amount of grass dying over the stump.

Tree stumps are not the only things that can cause damage to your lawn. Tree roots can grow into your grass and cause damage to your grass roots. This can lead to a complicated and expensive lawn repair process. Trying to cut down a tree stump on your own can be dangerous, messy and expensive. Instead of spending hours trying to manually dig it out, hire a tree removal company to remove it for you.

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