Greenwatch is an international non-profit organization dedicated to environmental justice. It promotes the full enforcement of the Ugandans constitution which protects a person's right to a healthy and clean environment. The organization also works in promoting better policies and programs at the local, national, and regional levels that will address environmental issues. It provides technical support in the form of trainings and workshops to communities working on environmental issues. Greenwatch has trained thousands of local residents on how they can effectively work on their environment issues as individuals and as a community.

The Greenwatch Network was formed in 2021 to fill the gap between the major agencies dealing with environmental issues and the communities that were most affected by climate change. Through this collective action, people could come together to make their voices heard. Greenwatch believes that people from different communities can play an important role in fighting climate change, especially in communities that have been adversely affected by it. This group advocates for a rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and works on providing support to the most vulnerable communities during the transition to a cleaner environment. In its efforts to strengthen the control of greenhouse gases, greenwatch also advocates for stricter laws and regulations on the emission of greenhouse gases.

The Greenwatch system works by tracking pollution through the measurement of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and other greenhouse gas emissions. They also monitor land management, transport, industry, and food consumption. The group also recommends ways to conserve water, protect ecosystems, and mitigate environmental degradation. The report from the last review shows that there has been substantial improvement in all areas except transport and agriculture. In fact, while agriculture has been largely improved, there is still room for improvement, since agriculture accounts for about 15% of overall emissions. Since the majority of people living in the country are farmers, the increase in the use of pesticides and herbicides, the reduction of fuelwood, and increase in animal feed, are all serious factors on the environment.

Another area where greenwatch helps is in water management. The testing conducted by the organization has found over 2 million gallons of contaminants in local water sources. These range from cancer-causing chemicals to pesticides and prescription drugs, and both are extremely harmful. Some of the contaminants are so high that they have led to the death of livestock. Greenwatch recommends that all homes in the community have clean drinking water, and they also recommend using the community's water source only for cooking and doing laundry.

Greenwatch also offers technical support to help communities effectively clean air. They conduct regular testing for toxins in the air, and publish reports detailing their findings. The testing is usually done weekly, and they are required to provide documentation of their testing to the local health board. Greenwatch works in close collaboration with local offices of the Department of Health, and they provide training seminars to community leaders to help them implement clean air ordinances.

There are several other national organizations that are based in the United States, but most are small, with limited resources. Some are only starting out, while others have been around for many years. Greenwatch has helped a wide range of people in many different ways, from families to businesses to city governments. Greenwatch's mission is to give citizens the tools they need to make informed decisions about their environment and their health. Although their focus is mainly on environmental issues, they work with many other groups to improve the quality of life in the community.

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