How Much Do Trees Cost

What is it worth to hire a tree removal company? A tree removal business will remove dead, decaying or unwanted trees in your neighborhood that you do not need. They also will take care of clearing away the brush around your house to make it safer for walking or running. They are also skilled in removing tree branches that have grown too large for your gutter systems or other types of gutters to handle.

How much do trees cost? This depends on how much work needs to be done to plant the tree versus how much it will cost to remove it. A fully grown, mature tree typically costs between $ 500 and $ 1000. Specialty trees may cost up to $ 500+. Moreover, additional charges for planting and delivery of the tree will add several hundred dollars to the total bill if these tasks are hired out.

How much do trees cost to grow? If a tree is planted in the yard after being planted in soil, it should usually be able to grow to about two to three feet in height. For planting a tree in an existing wooded area, the height should be one to two feet.

How much do trees cost to maintain? Moisture and pest control should be a concern for any home with trees in the yard. If the homeowner has live-in pets, landscape maintenance may be needed on a monthly basis. If the homeowners live in a temperate climate, the foliage will need to be removed in the spring and replaced with new foliage as the season warms up. In extremely cold or very hot climates, the homeowners should plan to implement winterizing procedures so that their trees don't starve or dry out.

How much do trees cost to plant? If a homeowner intends to plant a tree in a natural clearing or on a deck or other outdoor space, he or she should expect to pay between three to five dollars per foot for the right to plant, care, and pruning. Trees that are planted in urban landscapes should cost anywhere from ten to twenty five dollars per foot for a similar space to accommodate a tree and its associated shrubbery.

How much do trees cost to maintain? On a yearly basis, a homeowner can expect to pay anywhere from eight to fifteen dollars per hour if a professional landscape contractor is hired to plant, trim, and tend to a newly planted lawn. For smaller areas, such as a backyard lawn, planting new trees should not cost more than three to five dollars per hour.

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