How Much Does Stump Removal Cost

Stump removal prices vary widely depending on who you hire. You may be surprised when I tell you how much my company costs, or how much other companies charge. There are some simple ways to find the best prices. By understanding pricing, you can negotiate better deals with the different companies. Here are a few tips to help you find a company that charges the best price for their services:

The national averages listed above should aid you make an accurate estimate of how much your stump and root extraction service will cost. Keep in mind that different companies charge differently, including tree removal by the foot, usually charge $jas an hour. If the roots are extremely large and could potentially damage your home or property, it's wise to get estimates from several companies to see what the average cost is. You also want to consider the cost of labor for workers if you employ them. The more employees the company has, the more labor hours it will cost you to have them work.

A good method of estimating the amount of time a removal will take involves estimating the amount of ground that can be accessed in a day. Calculating this number requires a graph to be created showing the amount of ground needed to be excavated per day. The next step involves estimating the volume of earth that can be excavated to reach the desired location. Once this is estimated, the cost of the project can be worked out. The third step involves hiring a professional crew to remove the dead or decaying roots and removing any remaining portions of the tree that aren't wanted.

Some of the best deals on stump removal occur when a company offers a free consultation. This way, homeowners can come and look at the tree, with the consultant explaining all the pros and cons of tree care. It's important to understand that some conditions, such as live trees, require special procedures. If the tree is not strong enough to handle the weight of the tree stump, for example, it may need to be cut down. Other than this, however, there are no other issues with a stump and a tree removal can usually be completed within one day.

Once a professional crew is hired, it's wise to ask what happens to the dead or decaying root system. There are two different methods used to treat these areas: one involves applying a chemical that suffocates the roots; the other uses a procedure called stump grinding, which breaks the roots down into smaller sections. Although both of these methods can cause harm to the roots, they affect cost and time differently. Sweeping and surface straining won't affect cost; grinding, on the other hand, can seriously damage the root system, as it loosens and breaks off the entire root system.

When it comes to stump removal, many property owners simply wait it out. They assume that the problem will grow out of control, so they don't bother to remove it in the first place. This is usually a mistake. While untreated roots will grow back, in time they may even become more toxic than they were before. That's why stump removal should always be done as soon as possible, before the problem becomes a bigger problem. Professional tree care companies offer comprehensive services that will allow you to determine just how much it will cost to remove a stump from your property.

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