How Much Does Tree Removal Cost

What's the average cost of tree felling? The answer depends on the type of tree you're removing, the region where you live, and many other factors. On average, residential homeowners across the U.S. spend $628 per year to hire a professional to remove a tree. An average, routine tree removal job can cost as much as $1,500, while a large, infrequent tree removal job can be worth as little as half that price. The costs don't stop there, however.

Tree removal companies commonly bill hourly, which is why you should ask what they charge before you hire. For instance, an average arborist might bill you for one hour of his or her time for removing twenty feet tall trees. You might be surprised, however, to learn that an arborist might bill you twice that, for a total of forty-five minutes of his time. This is because trees don't all grow at the same rate and a second attempt might be necessary.

Professional arborists charge more than normal just because it takes more skill to remove larger and thicker trees. Also, most homeowners are afraid of the possibility of having their trees removed, which is why they avoid a tree removal service altogether. Remember that trees that are removed for any reason aren't always completely removed. Sometimes the arborist will just chip away a part of the tree until it falls naturally, leaving a stump behind.

If you need your stump removed, do you have to pay the arborist to do it? Usually, but not always, the arborist will just remove the chunk and take care of it himself or herself. However, some arborists might charge you extra if they do this. If they don't take care of it themselves, you might actually benefit from paying them to remove it for you instead. It might also be an option if the arborist is also skilled in removing fallen trees.

Once the arborist has removed your tree and any other debris, how much does it cost to remove and load your vehicle? This depends on the route that you take, but it's generally not very much. In fact, most professionals won't even charge for the time it takes to get your vehicle where you need it. Some people might think that they have to pay money for this, but in most cases it's free.

If you're dealing with large trees that you must remove, you should first ask how much does it cost to remove these trees? Then, you should find out how much it would cost to remove and load your vehicle. It's common for professionals to charge a little bit more than an average person. The reason why they are experts at their job is because they have access to certain equipment and even special gear to remove larger trees. Once they give you an estimate, it will usually be for the total area of the tree to be removed and the transport and the equipment needed to remove the tree stump as well.

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