How To Clear Trees

How to clear trees by using an excavator comes down to knowing what you are doing and making the right choices for your project. You can not just hire any random person to come and do it for you as you may end up with damaged roots or other complications if you are not careful. If you are going to attempt to clear a tree yourself, you need to know at least a little bit about the equipment you will be using and how to operate it safely. If you want to learn how to clear trees by using an excavator, here is a short how to guide:

Power Lines - This is definitely one of the most important factors in how to clear trees by using an excavator as you will need to clear trees near power lines. Depending on the area of the power line, this can range from merely cutting the root system to actually destroying the power line. An excavator is best suited for this job as they have the ability to handle extremely heavy materials and can safely maneuver over power lines.

Anderson Said - If you cannot clear trees by using an excavator that is located near a power line, you may still be able to clear trees with a small piece of equipment. It is recommended, however, that you use a smaller piece of equipment so as not to damage the power line or other nearby infrastructure. A chain saw is probably more suitable for this task than a shovel and a tree auger. A tree auger can literally cut right through a tree if you are not careful and a chain saw may prove too big for your tree stump.

Storm Water - If your tree is located outside in the yard and you are experiencing unusually high winds, this can also lead to large amounts of water collecting in your yard and threaten to flood your tree. Typically, larger pieces of debris such as branches are swept away by the wind, but some smaller, livelier tree parts like twigs and roots are left behind. When you have a large storm event, like a hurricane or tornado, these larger pieces of debris can be carried through the soil around your home and end up beneath your roof. This can eventually cause significant damage to your roof, foundation, and wall which can cause leaks and large amounts of water damage throughout the home.

How to Clear Trees - If a helicopter isn't close enough to the tree to safely clear it, there are other options. The best one would be a hydraulic arm on a cherry picker or a ladder. A cherry picker looks like a huge flat bed truck that has two telescopic poles on the ends that extend out into the distance. Once you reach the top of the pole, you can simply grab the telescopic pole and lower it down, leveling the tree to the ground. You might want to use a ladder if you can as it is also a safer option. A hydraulic arm on a helicopter will also allow you to tilt the helicopter in any direction, level the tree, and perform the same maneuvering as the cherry picker.

How to Clear Trees - Tree surgeons are able to fix most tree damage. However, when the tree is severely damaged or when there are multiple co-dominant trunk splits and the tree is leaning significantly over the side of the house, it may be impossible to remove the tree without performing major tree surgery. Tree surgeons will need to assess the damage and decide if they can remove the tree yourself or if they will need to have the tree surgically removed from the house. If there are multiple damaged trees in the area, the entire roof may need to be replaced. If the structure of the house is compromised due to the severity of the storm, the electrical infrastructure could be destroyed. If you know how to clear trees, it can save you a lot of money, time, and suffering in the long run.

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