How To Cut A Tree Stump

How to cut a tree stump is not an easy task. Stumps that are left standing after a storm or when a tree falls on it have the tendency to stay in one place. They don't usually move when people walk by them. If you have to get rid of the stump, knowing how to cut a tree stump will save you time and money and you won't have to pay someone to remove it for you.

When you are cutting down a tree stump, always make sure the stump does not touch any other surface when you are cutting it. You want to make sure that the stump is as far away from other power lines and street lights as possible. If the tree stump is close enough to a power line it can cause electrocution and/or a fire. The last thing you would want is to have a huge black fire out in the middle of your yard.

There are several tools you need when learning how to cut a tree stump. The main tool is a good pair of tree pruning shears. Shears can be purchased at almost any lumberyard or home improvement store. You should always practice how to cut a tree stump before buying your own shears. It's safer to have a couple of practice swings with the shears before you actually cut one down. The blade of the shears needs to be able to cut through thick stems without bending.

A stump projector is another important tool when learning how to cut a tree stump. This tool has a handle that projects from the ground and the blade of the saw can be inserted into the hole that is cut. The blade of the saw cuts down the stem of the tree, but it isn't sharp. The stump might still be alive, but it will be brittle and may break when you try to cut it again.

Your basic how to cut a tree stump technique begins with a good plan. Once you've drawn a plan, gather the necessary tools and take a few practice swings with your shears before you attempt to cut the tree stump. You should make sure that the path of the swing is going away from where the stump is located and that you have a clear path ahead of you as you cut. Practice cutting at different positions until you feel confident that your swing is smooth and accurate. If you find any imperfections after this step, go back and do it over again.

Finally, once you've completed your practice swings, go back to your drawing and mark the location of where the cut will occur. You will then connect the spot with a post to a tree stump if it needs to be supported. Make sure you firmly mark the location so that no grass or dirt can interfere. This is the first step in learning how to cut a tree stump the right way. With a little practice and patience you should soon be a master at this task.

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