How To Get Rid Of Cottonwood Trees

Are you wondering how to get rid of cottonwood trees? The cottonwood tree is a destructive tree and one that can cause damage to your property. These are trees that live in the coniferous forests of Washington State. They can be found all around the Olympic Peninsula and other areas of northern Washington. Here is some information on this tree and what you can do if you find them.

The cottonwood trees that grow in the Olympic Peninsula are native to the area but have not been around as long as the trees in other parts of Washington State. These trees are slow growing and they spread out when they spread to other areas. This is why it can take many years for them to grow in an area. They also have a low density which makes them very susceptible to being uprooted. They can be found all over the Olympic Peninsula although there are some in more heavily wooded or remote areas. The most common places to find them are along the coastline, in the thick forest along the mountains inlet, and near shipping channels or bodies of water.

How to get rid of a cottonwood tree is a process that has been studied by people for years. If you find one in your area you want to act quickly before it grows into a tree that can take over the area in which it is planted. The fastest way to get rid of a cottonwood trees is to kill it with a sharp knife. Once it is dead you will need to get rid of any dead roots or shoot with a scalpel or axe. After this is done the stump should be removed.

If the tree in your area is still alive you should dig a hole for it and cover the hole with dirt and pack it with compost and bone meal. You can buy these products at a local nursery or garden supply store. You should mulch the area around the tree to help it retain moisture. You can also put small rocks in the hole for a more natural look and cover with burlap and old newspaper.

If the tree you have is not dead you need to make sure that it is growing towards the light source. This will allow it to grow even in the low sun. How to get rid of a cottonwood tree that is dying is to use pruning shears to cut back any branches that are not producing foliage. Cut the main stem so that it just touches the ground and remove the branch that is furthest away from the light source.

Getting rid of a cottonwood tree is not all that difficult but there are things that need to be done properly. For example you must keep the area clear from leaves and debris in order for new growth to come up. The old wood can be covered with mulch and covered again with burlap and newspaper. You will have to repot every two years or so and the timing for this depends on when the last new growth comes up.

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