How To Remove A Pine Tree

Are you trying to figure out how to remove a pine tree stump? Pine trees are some of the hardest and most difficult to remove when they are mature. They have very thick bark and can easily injure you or your children while digging in to get to the "treasure" that lies inside. As with any tree, you need to remove the tree, not just the stump. Here is how to remove a pine tree stump safely and quickly.

First, you need to protect yourself with safety gear. You should wear thick gloves and rubber soled shoes, long pants, and long sleeves. I prefer to wear a helmet because it will provide better protection if you come into contact with the tree stump when it is still alive. If you do not wear a helmet, you will need to use a pry bar to reach the trunk. The last thing you want to do is cause injury by removing the entire root system as this will cause death.

When ready to tackle a tree, remember to wear a helmet. Be sure to wear the kind with a hard foam insert that can be inserted and taken out easily without causing any damage. I recommend a model with a steel or plastic insert that can be taken off and replaced without ripping or tearing. Be sure that the ladder that you plan on climbing on is stable and not wobbly. I don't recommend using an old broom handle or canister as a ladder. Make sure your steps are solid and sturdy and you are ready to climb up and down the tree stump.

Now that you have protective gear, you are ready to remove the tree stump. The best way to remove the tree stump is to either hire a professional tree service or do it yourself. The problem with doing it yourself is that you will need to know how to remove a pine stump and know what tools you will need to effectively do it. If you are handy, try doing it yourself. However if you are not comfortable using large tools, leave it to the pros to take care of this task for you.

After removing the tree stump, it is wise to pay close attention to the surrounding area. This is where you will likely continue the battle until the stump is completely removed. If it is not removed properly, new tree stumps may grow in its place. You need to work hard to prevent this from happening as you don't want new trees being planted in your yard after removing one.

Once the stump is removed, you will now need to focus on how to keep the area around it clean. Once the stump is removed, there is a good chance that pine needles and branches have built up above it. A great way to deal with these is to make a simple leaf pile. Just pile up enough materials to cover the stump and leave it alone. It will continue to decompose and grow until the next time you use it, this will also depend on how old the stump is.

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