How To Split A Tree Stump?

Stumps can be one of the most frustrating things in the world, especially if you're a woodworking amateur. I'll admit, I had no idea how to split a tree stump when I first experienced this problem. My friend borrowed my car to take me and another buddy out to his parents' property, and it was pitch black outside. He told me that he didn't have any place to put the tools we needed to do what we were doing, so we decided to take a look at his yard. We both started to feel in anticipation of the "pumpkin patching" that would take place later.

My friend immediately knew that something was wrong, and when he looked down at his yard he saw that the stump was eight feet in diameter and located directly in the center of his yard. My response was "What do we do about it?" At that point I didn't have a clear plan for handling the situation. Luckily, my friend knew a tree care expert who was able to give some advice on how to split a tree stump. The advice he provided was surprisingly simple and did not require any expensive materials.

Stump removal is actually pretty simple. It's also relatively cheap. We purchased a "splitter" from a local hardware store for $40. This tool is designed to easily separate tree stumps from the ground. Before using the splitter it is important to know how much space is available nearby for the stump removal to occur. The larger the stump becomes the harder it is to relocate it.

Once you've located the stump you will then need to use your hands to split the tree stump into two manageable sections. You will need to use the splitter and reach in between each section. The splitter is equipped with an opening tool that allows you to split the stump into two sections. Once you've split the tree stump into sections you will then hammer the splitter into each section.

After splitting the tree stumps you will then need to clean up the debris. To clean up the stump I recommend using a pumice stone. This is a rock that has been moistened slightly and is used specifically to scrape the surface of tree stumps. Once you have removed all of the dry bone fragments you can apply some termite repellent.

I have provided a link at the bottom of this article that provides additional information on stump removal. In this article I have briefly provided some information on splitting a tree stump. If you are interested in learning more about stump removal I highly suggest you follow the link below.

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