Large Tree Removal Price

Be aware that the cost of large tree removal varies depending on whether or not the tree needs to be completely removed from its location. Some locations have limits on the exact size of trees that can be legally taken off-site. Even if you got an extremely large tree removal price request, it may not be within your company's budget. Before beginning the process of removing a tree, be sure to discuss with your local clearing services what type of permits they require for tree and stump removal and what damage can result. If the job requires digging down deep enough to destroy nearby underground sources of water or other natural sources of nutrients, the cost can quickly add up.

There are many good examples of how large trees can cause catastrophic damage. For example, consider the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. Hundreds of homes lost their roofs, many of them completely. Many other homes suffered water damage so severe that entire neighborhoods were literally wiped out. Although this is an extreme example, consider what the cost would be if a similar situation happened in your community today without any protective barriers.

The average price for removing large trees is quite high, as is the price for hiring a professional arborist. However, the average price is often reflective of the danger involved. The higher price is indicative of the added hazard of cutting through the thick underbrush surrounding most large trees. The danger of coming in contact with the remains of a tree remains high even after it has been uprooted. Therefore, it is wise to plan ahead and find an arborist who can estimate the most likely damages before the first pruning cut takes place.

The average price for removing tree branches is based on the difficulty of removing the stump itself. Stumps are difficult to remove and often require a digging project that can take days. On the other hand, most homeowners have no problem with removing small tree branches. It is the larger branches that pose the greatest risk to passersby and can lead to expensive liability claims if they are snapped, felled or damaged by a careless homeowner.

Tree trimming and removal companies can provide the tools needed to safely remove trees without endangering nearby people, property and structures. Trimming trees, which involves removing large branches that are interfering with sight or causing safety hazards, is often done using mechanical pruning shears. However, homeowners can also use smaller hand tools for pruning smaller trees. Hiring an arborist is the best way to get the job done quickly, accurately and professionally.

When trimming trees, a good example of a potentially hazardous situation is when limbs are hanging over gutters. Regardless of the reason for the branch hanging, it poses a hazard to motorists and pedestrians. This can result in serious fines and charges if the tree removal and stump disposal company does not handle the situation appropriately.

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