Largest Tree Ever Cut

The largest tree ever cut at a wood processing plant in the United States has come from Trumbull county in Ohio, some years ago. It was shipped to a lumber mill, and weighed 62 feet long, seven feet across, and had 7,362 feet of lumber. It was cut down from a single trunk that weighed in at an estimated weigh of over five hundred tons. This tree is so large, it took five separate trucks to accomplish. This record for the largest tree ever cut is held by the Great Southern Poplar tree.

A second giant tree that felled its own record was the former Hewlett Packard Company's "California Redwood". This felled over six hundred trees, making it the third largest tree ever cut. The Hewlett Packard Company also claimed that this particular tree, along with the second largest, came from their lumber mill in California. This claim was later proven untrue.

The third giant who cut his largest tree ever was none other than General George S. Patton. He felled a sequoia tree in June of 1944. The tree was over two hundred feet tall, made up of three separate trunks weighing nearly one hundred and fifty tons each, and weighed in at nearly seven hundred and fifty tons. General Patton, as was mentioned before, cut the tree with a chainsaw. A question that must be asked here is where did General Patton store the giant sequoia? If the tree had fallen to the ground, how did it get there in the first place?

The fact is, even though General Patton may have had the chainsaw to cut down the biggest trees, he did not have the time or the equipment to bring it down. He may have had a back log to lie on and cover himself, but that was as far as he went. This is because his army was encircled by enemy soldiers, who were using tunnels to sneak through the mine fields.

Now we all know about the sequoia and that it's a huge tree, but there are two other giant sequoias that have been cut. The first one weighed in at nearly five hundred tons. The second was approximately one hundred and fifty tons. Can you image the difficulty of those logs being cut?

In closing, I'd like to say to everyone out there: please stop asking "where the biggest tree was cut?" This question, although well asked, still remains unanswered. I suspect it's still in the minds of those people out in the forest cutting trees for timber production. The reality is that those giant Sequoia trees were cut down seven hours ago, in an operation that involved more than a hundred firefighters and more than two hundred personnel.

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