Largest Tree In CT

When I was growing up in CT, there was one tree that stood out above the rest and when I would go camping with my friends, it was the largest tree in CT. That tree was the Stratton Brook State Park Tree Nursery Tree. Now, I don't know if it is the largest or not but it certainly stands tall in our garden. I remember when I was a kid, my family and I would spend hours camped out under the tree just talking and laughing.

Now, back to my childhood memories, I can think of many more fun camping trips that we had. However, the one that I will always fondly remember is going hiking to the Stratton Brook state park. This particular hiking trail went right up to the edge of the forest and had amazing views of the waterfalls, the falls themselves, and the beautiful marshland below. It also gave you the chance to get a great view of the two waterfalls, the stream underneath the falls, and the amazing forest canopy at the top of the trail.

There are many other hiking trails in CT, so why would anyone want to hike to the largest tree in CT? If you were looking for a tree for your treehouse then it would be wise to get the largest tree in CT. These trees come in all shapes and sizes. Some are majestic and tall, some are short and stocky, while others still have leaves that you can catch in a net and hang from a tree branch. Some of these trees still have some green even though they are over fifty years old.

While the largest tree in CT is definitely not the biggest tree you will ever find, it would surely make a nice centerpiece for your treehouse. For instance, if you decided to go with a juniper you might want to pick a tree that is a bit smaller. While a bigger tree would give you and other members of your family a nice view of the falls, a smaller one would be a better backdrop.

Another great reason to have the largest tree in CT is that it makes a wonderful conversation piece. If you are trying to decide what tree you want to go with there is no better person to ask than a tree expert. They would know what kind of tree would best go with what type of home and how big it needed to be. With so many different kinds of trees available how do you know which one to buy?

One of the worst mistakes people make when they are trying to get their own tree is to pick one based off of pictures in a magazine. You have to remember that these pictures were taken several years ago. Trying to use them as an accurate yardstick of what the largest tree in CT would be will end up being pointless. The only way you would know what you are getting is to take it to a local nursery and let them tell you the truth.

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