New York City Tree Removal Law

The first time I heard about the tree removal laws in New York City, I was shocked. This place seemed so cut off from everything else that I had grown up, a fact that bugged me from the moment I set foot here. Of course, when I got married, my husband took me to this city with the whole family in tow, and we had a great time during our honeymoon. But when I thought about living in this city, I could not help but think of all the trees that must have gone down over the years.

Of course, I did not bring up the subject of tree felling, and my husband was not quite as concerned. But my point was kind of vague. What would happen if someone fell from a tree in the middle of a busy street? Would the police be alerted, or would they just leave it be? What if there were a kid who fell from a tree while playing?

After thinking about it for a while, I realized that it was actually a very good thing that all these trees had been taken down. After all, there were so many people who lived in this town that without them, the city would just be a construction site. It was a shame to lose them, because each one of them was a unique piece of art, a beautiful fixture on the landscape. I guess there is nothing more beautiful than a tree in full bloom.

One day, I happened to walk by a big tree stump, and I ended up talking to a tree remover who lives in the area. He told me about the tree removal laws in New York City, and I was glad that I could listen and learn. This is something that interests me, especially considering that right now it is summer, and we are still early spring. We are not even really fully prepared to cut down a tree yet.

He also told me that he has his own little business out there in the city and he used to hire people every summer to remove trees that were growing too fast, or that were starting to fall down. That is why it is important to follow the new law so that businesses do not have to hire anybody to do it for them. It does not matter if they are experienced tree removers. Because of the new law, they need to get a permit before cutting down any more trees in the summer.

But there are still plenty of people who want to take advantage of the new law, and they are finding out that they are not welcome in the city any longer. In fact, some people have complained that they are no longer allowed to remove their own trees. This is a shame, because there are so many beautiful trees out there that need to be saved.

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