Palm Tree Doctor

Palm Tree Doctor in South Florida is the leading palm doctor. They have been serving customers from Pompano Beach to Key Largo since 1991. Palm Tree Doctor was founded by Frank Tillotson who was a student of Dr. Gunther Segal. Frank spent two years researching trees and learned how important they are for the environment. He founded Palm Tree Doctor and started his practice.

The goal of Palm Tree Doctor, is to provide their patients with a healthy and natural way to maintain their hands and feet. They use traditional and organic methods and believe that they are better for your health and better for the environment. Palm Tree Doctor uses only the best Palm Trees, which are harvested ethically and sustainably. Their aim is to provide their patients the highest quality, and most unique service. They are dedicated to offering only certified Palm Tree Doctors.

They have an outstanding success rate with all of their patients. Palm tree maintenance is something that they are very passionate about. This is what they do best, and you can be sure that they have a high standard. They pride themselves on their outstanding customer service, and make sure to go above and beyond with all of their customers.

Frank Tillotson was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show. People all over the world were amazed with his caring and dedication to providing excellent palm tree care. He made it clear that he feels that everyone should know what he is doing because his company is his own. He also explained how he set up his office in Pompano Beach. People were amazed with his dedication to providing top quality Palm Tree Doctor services.

People can call and book an appointment with Frank Tillotson right away. They have a variety of services that are geared towards the individual needs of their clients. The Palm Tree Doctor office has a Palm Tree Repair service, Palm Tree Doctor office, a Palm Tree Arborist, and a Palm Tree Amalgist. These Palm tree specialists all work together as a team to provide the best kind of service possible to their clients.

Palm tree experts are also experts on other exotic plants, trees, and flowers. So if you or someone you know needs an expert on any kind of plant, you can call and make an appointment with them. Their goal is to exceed the customer's expectations by providing the most unique service around. They have been operating out of pompano beach since 1991, and will continue to operate as a leading palm tree expert in south florida.

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