Palm Tree Removal Cost

Palm tree removal cost depends upon many factors such as the size of the palm tree, its height, how many limbs it has and other factors. The actual cost may be much higher than you think because palm tree felling companies may add the cost of disposal to your bill. The average cost to remove such a palm tree from your home or other location is around $ 200 to $ 500 to remove even if its height is only 30 feet.

Generally the size of the palm tree will determine the palm tree removal cost, however, this is not the case for all kind of trees and there are exceptions to every rule. Generally, the larger the tree, the more expensive the removal will be. The exception is when dealing with giant trees like Chinese Elm or Sequoia trees. These kinds of trees can be felled down in one felling and will not increase your bill. Some other trees that do not fall into this category include maple and cedar.

The most expensive part of a palm tree to cut down is the stem and the fronds. Usually the cost of getting a palm tree felled is around two to five thousand dollars, depending upon where you live in the USA. When dealing with dead stems and fronds, the task of a palm tree removal company is much easier than handling dead trees because they are already dead when they come down. Getting rid of them also means that you do not have to buy new fronds from a nursery or replant them yourself. You just have to cut them down.

Getting rid of diseased palms can be very costly, sometimes costing tens of thousands of dollars. The most expensive part of cutting down these kinds of trees is buying all the chemicals needed to kill them. This is also the most tedious task and also the most time consuming. Palm tree trimming companies specialize in removing diseased stems, cutting them down and then cleaning up the resulting stump.

Palm tree removal can also be very time consuming. Palm trees vary in size and mature width, so removing just one palm tree can take days or even weeks. Trimming each individual stem can take even longer, depending on the diameter of the trunk. Some palms are as wide as three feet diameter while other palms are only two feet in diameter. The more time you take to prune your palm tree, the more money it will cost you.

Palm tree removal requires special equipment which can be rented from a tree removal company. One of the most expensive pieces of equipment needed for removal is an arborist. Since arborists will remove the entire root system, any living flowers will also need to be removed, unless you plan on replacing them with new ones.

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