Palm Tree Removal Near Me

Palm tree removal near me, WA is now an option. We have three palm trees in our back yard and one of them is starting to get a little older. We had a little tree care guy come down and do some pruning about six months ago. He wanted to remove the dead branch off the center branch of the palm tree. It was rather straightforward but it is a big tree so it took him awhile. I am still not sure what happened as the end result looked like the end of a palm tree rather than a living one.

Palm tree removal services in Bellingham WA are now available for all types of large and mature palm trees. There are a lot of different diseases that attack palms, you will need to be aware of this before you get rid of it or prune it. If the dead, weak branches are not removed then they can easily break off and become wedged under your new, stronger trunks. The result can be that you are left with unsightly splinters from the broken branches. This is why I recommend that you hire a company that specializes in removing palms and other large trees.

Palm tree removal services near me, WA has been quite successful at removing dead, weak and diseased palm trees. They also trim the trees so that they are nice and neat. Palm trees are some of the prettiest trees in the world and people love to sit on them or lay on them. Getting a professional crew to do a good job of tree removal and palm tree trimming near me, WA is worth the money spent if you want the tree to look great at the end of the season.

You may think that a palm removal company would charge a lot for their services, but you will be pleasantly surprised. There are a lot of companies that offer affordable palm tree removal in Seattle that only require a one time fee for their services. When they start removing the trees they only charge the one time and never charge more than one time for their services. If you have the forethought to call a company like this before you have any problems, you will find that they are extremely customer friendly. In fact, many of them will come to your house to take pictures of your tree to use in their website, advertising and in local newspapers.

If you need a little bit more than just a one time price then you should book the job a bit ahead of time. The best companies will let you know how many trimmings and cutting that they will need to complete the job. The more detail that you give them the better. The one time fee that these palm trees tree service providers ask for is well worth the money spent because they will be able to prevent problems from occurring down the road.

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you can help someone who is in need of some good palm trees and other trees in the Seattle area. The more work that you do the more customers you will receive. For just a couple of dollars a year you can be helping people keep their landscape intact and looking great. All it takes is a phone call and a few hours of your time to get the job done.

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