Palm Tree Roots Near House

If you are planning to cut down a palm tree just because it is blocking the sunlight, then you must think twice before you do it. Cutting down such a tree affects the whole environment and also can be dangerous if the cutting is done by a non skilled person. Palm tree roots grow deep and are very difficult to remove. If you are cutting down a palm tree just because it is standing in your way, then there are many other options available for you.

You may have noticed that sometimes cutting down a palm tree near house causes the roots to grow into the pipes leading to your home. Such roots are caused by the wet weather and usually grow on the inside walls and roof of your home. The rainwater from the roof and the soil will mix with the inner core of the wood and then create microscopic holes in the core and that creates perfect environment for the growth of these roots. If the roots are allowed to grow in the pipes they may block the drainage and will make it impossible for the rainwater to flow out and drain. Such situation may lead to the water damage of your home.

In case of removing palm tree roots near house you need to remove the whole rooting system of the plant and then you may use an insecticide along with a rotisserie to kill the plant tree. It is important that you should take care not to spray insecticide directly on the surface of the soil as it may kill the plant and its root system. You should dig the hole carefully and then cover it with mulch so that the water will drain away from the area. You should try and remove all the roots of the plant along with the insecticide.

If the main trunk of the tree is left intact you should use steel wool to remove the bark. Then you should dig a hole at the bottom and place the steel wool over the hollowed area. After this you should spread the mulch over the base and after this you should put the tree on the topsoil. If you can insert a drainage hole below the plant then you can easily divert the water.

In case of small palm tree roots above ground you should cut the root system and then you should remove the stem of the tree. After this you should spread some large mulch on the base and then you should place the trunk into the mulch and after this you should tie it. You should use a good strong wire to keep the root ball firmly and you should direct the wires towards the outside of the wall.

If you have already planted the tree in the ground but you do not know how to take care of it properly, it is better to ask the help of professionals who will be able to help you. They will remove the roots and at the same time they will provide you with preventive measures to avoid any kind of tree root damage. One of the best solutions is to place some grass on the base after planting a palm tree. This can be done after digging the hole for it. The grass can protect the soil from any kind of harmful impact. The grass can also help you in taking proper watering.

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