Palm Trees In Massachusetts

Palm trees are an interesting sight from the air. They stand tall and gracefully while waving in the breeze. While these trees are often seen on the edges of golf courses or in backyards, you will occasionally see them growing wild in the center of towns. When you do, they will be an unusual sight indeed. There aren't any wild palms growing in Massachusetts.

The truth is that palms don't grow very often in Massachusetts because of two specific factors. The first is that they have a hard time coping with extreme cold temperatures. This makes it difficult for them to live outside their private groves during the winter months. The other factor they need to do so well is to withstand very cold temperatures. That means they do their best to protect their young leaves from the winter frost.

One way that Massachusetts locals have attempted to help the growth of palm trees in Massachusetts is by planting more of them. Because of this, more of the groves where these trees grow have been planted with larger numbers of palms. In some areas, the planted number has even reached the point that they have become overrun. Even in areas where planting is done carefully, the growth of palm trees has been minimal.

Growing palm trees in Massachusetts has been helped by a special chemical that is used to coat the top of the branches with a thin coating of starch. As the plant grows, the trunk doesn't freeze up in the winter and break off. Instead, the branches grow together and can support themselves much better than if they were bare. This allows the tree to thrive in harsh conditions that would normally kill other plants. It's this coating that helps the palms survive when colder weather hits Massachusetts.

If you are interested in planting more palm trees in Massachusetts, the best time to do it is during one of the two periods of the year when the weather is at its coldest. The first is during July and the second is during January. When these months are at their coldest, the temperatures will not be enough to kill the tree. This means that it is important to make sure that you place your new sapling into a sheltered area in your garden or in your backyard.

However, if you are willing to wait for the best time to plant them then you should be able to find some great palm trees that can survive in your area. The only problem is finding the time to plant them. Luckily, if you are willing to follow the steps outlined above then you should be able to find the right climate for your new sapling.

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