Person Cutting Down Trees

A person cutting down trees in an area where a storm is approaching is called as tree surgeon. These surgeons work out in preparation for any impending storms. They are qualified professionals, and have to have years of experience in tree-cutting. Their task involves saving lives, and so they have to be well-experienced and trained professionals who can save lives.

A person cutting down trees should have the necessary certification from a professional association. This certification will prove that the person has undergone years of training in trees, and also, he/she has gone through rigorous practical and theoretical learning on trees. In addition to these credentials, the person cutting down trees also must be a certified arborist. A person who is certified as an arborist possesses all the knowledge of trees, their growth pattern and how to protect them from natural calamities like storms or hurricanes.

A person cutting down trees needs to know a few things about cutting trees. First, he must make sure the trees have been selected for cutting well. He may choose the trees depending on the size, shape and kind. The chosen trees should be strong and healthy. Second, he should know what tools are needed to trim the trees, such as shears, pruning shears, etc. The trees should be cut into certain lengths, and the person cutting the trees should be aware of how much material he/she will require, as trees grow rapidly.

The area in which the trees are located should be protected properly, and a warning system should be maintained to warn people of danger. Thirdly, precautionary measures should be taken before cutting down trees. For instance, a person cutting down trees near power lines should take extra care. Fourthly, a tree should not be cut down if it is nearing the side of the nearest building. Fifthly, trees should be cut down only when the root of the tree has been exposed. This ensures that the tree does not grow sideways or lose its roots in the process.

The person cutting down trees should make sure that there are no animals or birds around the area, as they might attack the person while cutting down the trees. If there are no animals, the person cutting the trees can simply drive away the animals. Sixthly, the person cutting down trees should wear ear protection while cutting down trees. Seventhly, the person cutting down trees should wear protective clothing, such as thick work boots, heavy coats, long pants, thick gloves and so on. In case the person cuts down a tree which is close to a home or a human, he/she should call the fire department to remove the animal.

Cutting down trees can be risky, and requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Before cutting down a tree, the person cutting it should inspect the surrounding area, to ensure that no animals are living in the immediate area. If animals do live in the immediate area, the person cutting down trees should call the police. Finally, before cutting down a tree, the person should check if there are any pending complaints against him.

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