Removal Prices

You may be shocked at just how much home owners actually pay for tree removal services in a given year. The truth is, some companies charge more than others, but many are not really all that expensive. You can typically expect to pay from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars for professional tree removal service, although the average price to remove a mature tree from your property is around the $1,500 mark. Tree removal prices vary greatly depending on the type of tree you have, the size of the tree, the region where you live, and even the company doing the work.

One way to find out what a particular company's removal prices might be is to check with your local waste & recycling department. Most places charge a junk removal fee for getting rid of household waste, which is another form of waste that doesn't get broken down properly and poses a hazard to the environment. As a result, many times a company will ask you to leave a few days' notice so that they have enough time to properly remove your waste. Some places don't charge much of a trash removal fee, although there are still others that do. A trash removal company may be able to help you get rid of some household waste, at least, which can help you to save money on your household utility bill.

Trash removal isn't the only type of waste removal, however. There are other services that are often billed under the same umbrella as trash removal, including asbestos disposal, graffiti removal, and the like. Depending on the type of waste that you're dealing with, you may be billed by weight or by the cubic yard. Be sure to get this information before you go through with a certain company, so that you'll know what types of fees they are charging according to your particular type of waste.

If you have certain appliances in your home that use toxic chemicals, you may want to find out about the removal costs for the appliances as well. For instance, if you have a garage filled with old metal containers that hold chemicals or hazardous materials, the utility bill could be a good deal higher if you had to hire a removal service to take care of it. Other examples of potentially hazardous waste products include batteries that haven't been disposed of properly, oil and antifreeze tanks, pesticides, lubricants, antifreeze and other dangerous chemicals, mercury and similar materials, asbestos, and wood and paper that is no longer being used. All of these things can increase your utility bill, especially if you use them frequently, so it's a good idea to find out what the typical waste removal cost is for your specific situations.

The pricing for removal varies greatly depending on what kind of waste is being dealt with. Landfill waste, for example, tends to be more expensive than most other forms of removal because the amount of organic material that needs to be removed is much larger. In addition, landfills are designed for long-term use, so they fill up faster than most other locations. Many landfill owners also expect their customers to stay for the long term, so they may require that they pay a little more than average for removal services.

You can also expect junk removal services to charge more if they have to transport your household items, furniture, appliances, computers and other electronics, heavy equipment, construction materials, antiques, art supplies and other items. Some businesses also require special disposal or recycling services. You should do some research so that you know what junk removal prices range and what the typical prices are for different types of waste. For example, it may cost a lot less to simply recycle a car battery than to send it to a junk yard.

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