Remove A Small Tree

When a tree is in your landscape, there's a good chance that it's causing you a lot of problems. Trees can fall on your roof, injure you when you walk through them, block you from seeing your property clearly and even grow dangerously close to your home or your garage. Trees that are dying or have already killed should be removed right away before they cause any more damage. However, if you've never dealt with a dead or dying tree before, here are some simple steps that can help you get rid of a dead, dying or unwanted tree safely:

First, check the diameter of your tree and determine what tools and support you'll need to remove it safely. On average, homeowners across the U.S. spend almost $630 on a professional to remove a dead tree. While a smaller tree removal job can cost as little as $150, an extreme tree-removal project can cost as much as $1,900. If you have an old tree, you should keep it in mind when calculating costs.

Next, make sure you know the size of the area where you're going to remove the tree. Typically, an oak tree removal cost is based on cubic feet of space. Therefore, the larger the tree is in diameter, the greater the cost. Also keep in mind that smaller trees require a lot of care and upkeep, which will increase the total oak trees removal cost.

Once you've determined how big your tree needs to be and how much removal costs, talk to a local tree service specialist. They will help you decide the best way to remove it, whether using a ladder, cutting it at ground level, or completely cutting it out. Most tree services offer a free consultation, and many offer affordable price quotes for the entire job.

Once you have selected a company to remove your tree, call them and give them the measurements of your tree and yard. Ask what methods are available, and whether they charge extra for certain methods. For example, if you have a very large tree that may need a crane, do they offer this? Also ask if they remove pine trees. Most tree services have trucks specially designed to remove pine trees. If they don't have a truck, they may use a dog, crane, or other more traditional way to remove larger trees.

Depending on how much time you have to devote to removing your tree, you might consider hiring a tree service instead of doing it yourself. The cost of hiring a professional tree service can often be less than the amount it would cost to remove your small tree by yourself, depending on the extent of the damage. Also, when trees grow to a certain size, they often require root removal. Tree services also have the experience to remove large, live tree roots in an efficient and sanitary manner. If you want to save money, it might be a better idea to let professionals remove your small trees instead of trying to do it yourself.

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