Remove Tree

Removing tree roots from your foundation can be quite a task, especially if it wasn't a large, mature tree. Its underground root structure can spread several feet deep, even more in ideal conditions. For most homes, its roots are located within the walls and floor of a basement. Even if your basement is built out, roots may still form in crawlspaces, soil, or other spaces beneath the house. In all cases, to remove tree roots from your foundation, you must physically remove the roots themselves.

Roots are powerful roots, capable of digging deep into soil and snapping off branches and even attachments. Roots that grow toward a home's foundation cause interior flooding and can damage the foundation itself. Tree roots also spread mildew, rot, and mold around a home, spreading harmful diseases that can affect both humans and pets. When you remove tree limbs or other tree debris, it is vital to have them properly disposed of. If tree debris is not disposed of correctly, it can worsen existing foundation problems or even cause more to develop.

Before you can remove tree limbs, you need to properly remove the stump. You can accomplish this by digging a hole the size of the stump, putting it in a hole, and filling with dirt. You can then cover the dirt with a tarp and tie it off from the outside using cinder blocks or similar materials to keep the moisture in. Make sure you leave enough room for expanding the base of the stump hole over time as the ground will eventually collapse, and new roots will likely push through.

Once you have removed the stump, it is time to remove tree debris. This includes leaves, twigs, and lawn trimmings, as well as any smaller pieces that you can get away with not grinding. You may also be able to dispose of small pieces of grass, but remember to never chip or tear up larger grass clippings. If you must grind larger areas, take the extra time to burl it up (which can be done with a small shredder), and spread the grass clippings on the ground to help cover up the hole. Do not move any larger debris until you are certain that all pieces are gone.

After you have removed all of the tree stump material, you can proceed to remove roots. To do this effectively, it is important that you use a pressure washer that is specifically designed to remove tree root systems. It is possible to purchase a garden sprayer with a pruning head, but these devices can damage your soil, especially if you are not careful. Instead, use the pruning head on a smaller-sized machine and spray the entire area with the garden sprayer. The sprayer will loosen and break up any tree roots that remain in the ground, making it easier for you to dig them all out.

When you are finished, you should be left with a cleared area. Using a shovel and your water hose, clear the area of all leaves, twigs, and other debris. Be sure to check each area carefully before moving it back into the garden. Then, using the root saw and your water hose, remove all of the remaining roots. Move the debris back into the hole in one fell swoop, and then repeat the process in the other direction until all roots have been removed.

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