Removing Small Trees

Again, removing small trees isn't a difficult task, but it's certainly a tough one. Often, you'll have to use a power washer to get rid of them, unless you want to hire a tree removal company. Also, be prepared - it's a good idea to have a bucket near by just in case. The tree removal company will probably bring a large truck with big equipment that has big hoses that can blast the tree out for good. But first things first...

To begin, find a place that is flat, level, and away from any walls or power lines. Then, you'll want to rake up the branches until they are about half the distance from your home. That way, they will be easier to move, and you won't have to dig as deep. You might also choose an hour when the weather isn't too hot and drink lots of water, to avoid heat-related illnesses such as dehydration.

After removing small trees, it's important to clean up the stump. Do this by scraping it out, taking care not to damage the roots by doing this. And if it's close to the house, dig it up and set it aside. This will protect your other plants and shrubs, preventing disease from setting in.

Once you've got the stump removed, don't forget about the tree that may still be there. That's because there's another easy way to get rid of it: roting. It sounds a bit strange, but in actuality, rotting (or removing the bark) from a tree makes it more resistant to pests and increases its longevity. ROT is sometimes used to get rid of an entire tree, or sometimes to get rid of a particular part of it. For instance, if you're getting rid of a tree stump, talk to someone at your local nursery about roting the stump. They can tell you how to do it properly and get rid of the stump without damaging the rest of the tree.

Of course, just cutting down the trees doesn't always guarantee their removal. If you're dealing with an established tree that's growing too fast for removal by using standard tree removal methods, then you'll likely need to get a power saw and cut it down. However, if it's growing too slowly, and you only need to remove one tree stump at a time, you can easily trim it down yourself with a pair of lawn mower blades. If you're unsure of how to cut a tree properly, or if the spot where you want to remove it from is too thick or hard, contact a tree removal company for help. The most important safety tip when removing small trees with power tools is to be sure you wear safety glasses.

There are many types of equipment you can use when removing small trees, but the most basic kind is a broom with a long handle attachment for tree pruning. You can also purchase handheld pruning shears that have a scissor type edge. Both broom and scissor types will make your work go a lot faster, and they don't require much strength on your part. It's also a good idea to have a bucket with you to help you transport and clean up the debris afterwards. The broom is probably best if you're dealing with larger and more stubborn shrubs, and the scissor will work well with smaller shrubs.

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