Silver Thatch Inn Charlottesville

If you want to stay in a historic inn and have all the amenities of modern hotels, the Silver Thatch Inn in Charlottesville is for you. This is a members only inn. The inn's website says:

The historic appeal of the Silver Thatch Inn includes the rustic charm of thatched roofs. Many inns from the American Revolution era feature thatched roofs. The inns date back to the 1700's and have thatched roofs made with whitewash which are then covered with chicken wire to keep the thatches from falling off. Other historical inns include Hathersage House and Old Hall Inn.

The prices range from base price of around forty dollars to base price of around sixty nine dollars. The base price is inclusive of all taxes and gratuities. Other additional fees include daily continental breakfast, daily continental lunch, daily specialty breakfast, daily family breakfast, daily open bar, daily welcome palaver, laundry and dry cleaning and daily local travel guides. Other activities include horseback riding, hiking, camping, trout fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. The Silver Thatch Inn is open daily for dinner. Children are welcome on weekend nights but expect parents to join them for dinner.

The lovely Victorian inspired thatch roofs add a unique charming quality to this lovely little historic town. The roofs of the barns are intricately crafted and add a special charm to the lovely town of Charlottesville. Some of the barns even have fancy thatched roofs. You will feel as if you have entered another time in Virginia or even Europe.

The other choice for lovely places to stay in Charlottesville is the quaint Butternut Cottage and Farmhouse. This is not your run-of-the-mill tourist trap. This charming little inn has a warm, relaxing atmosphere. Both the inns have beautiful gardens with flowers that bloom throughout the year.

Both of these lovely places are only a stones throw away from the University of Virginia. The Virginia Zoo also is nearby. There are many more things to do in and around this lovely college town. The Silver Thatch Inn and Charm City Apartments are two of the best choice for your next trip to Virginia.

Of course, one thing you will not want to miss out on while you are here is the amazing array of gorgeous restaurants, bars, and nightspots that are available. Many of the restaurants are located in quaint historic buildings that were once owned by rich families. They offer some of the best food and wine possible.

You will also love the shopping at the Silver Thatch Inn and Charlottesville. These lovely shops house some of the finest designer clothing stores around. In fact, when you go out shopping you may well find yourself spending more money on certain items than you did on them when you went in. This place is really popular among the young and hip crowd. The town really does live up to its name. You will find many youngsters hanging around at night as well as lots of college students.

With all of the things that make up this lovely town, it is hard to imagine that it is only five hundred years old. The people of this town have certainly learned from the older generations. You will certainly enjoy your stay at the Silver Thatch Inn in Charlottesville.

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