Splitting Palm Trees

The biggest problem you will have trimming splitting palm trees is the sharp blade dulling quickly. This is primarily due to the wood, water, and overall grit you discover in palm tree limbs. You will be happy to learn that self sharpening scissors are available to get rid of the dulling problems. By following a few steps before you start trimming the branches, you will ensure the end product is clean and ready to use.

The first step to getting started is getting price quotes for any machines you are considering for splitting palm trees with. Ask local nurseries for the best price on machinery they have for cutting these types of trees because they know the value of your hard earned seed or bean. They may also have recommendations for top quality suppliers you can take care of the job with. Take notes and get price quotes from all the places you contact.

The second step to taking care of splitting palm trees with chainsaws is getting the proper chainmaille. A chainsaw needs to be allowed to cure for at least two weeks between uses or it will no longer have the ability to cut wood properly. There are a number of self sharpening shears on the market that will allow you to get a fresh set of chainmaille each time you perform your trimming task. If the chainmaille that comes with the machine isn't long enough, buy some more and request an extra one or two inches to shorten the chain.

Your third step is to clear away any debris in the area. Make sure there are no rocks or logs obstructing the path of the chainsaw. These can easily lodge into the chain and cause it to cut incorrectly or not cut at all. This can compromise the safety of the chain and can cause the tree to drop and injure someone. You should also ensure there's an air filter in place to avoid getting your spray mist all over the place.

The fourth step to removing split thick palm trees with chainsaws is using an electric hedge trimmer. Use the appropriate tool for the job (a chain saw isn't suitable for splitting dense palm trees) and get an accurate quote before beginning. It's best to have a good idea of the dimensions of the space you're planning on cutting in so you'll know what size electric hedge trimmer will be needed. Make sure the model you choose has a twenty inch bar and at least two extension rods included.

The final step to removing split palm trees with chainsaws is to attach the chain to the end of the bar. Make sure it's securely in place before continuing. Use the shorter rods to snip the bar at each hip and then make sure you cut at least two inches in front of the chain to ensure the chainsaw is prepared for the job ahead. Use the longer rods to cut the chainsaw away from the tree, ensuring that it runs perpendicular to the house. With the chain removed, disconnect the chain from the bar, and check the height of the tree to see how far it's dropped.

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