Stump Removal Cost Near Me

One of the questions I'm most frequently asked is how much my stump removal cost near me is. The simple answer is, "it depends". Different species have different characteristics when it comes to growth and sturdiness. Grinders can be used to basically clear out large areas of tree stumps, especially when they're located in a wooded area.

For example, my company's rock and chain auger can quickly and safely remove tree stumps up to six feet long. This is possible because it utilizes the power of graphing motors and cutting edges to make the process fast, efficient, and safe. When we use this method, we grind or drill holes into the tree stump and then attach chains to those points. By pulling the chains back, we can pull the stump out of the ground.

One of the biggest factors that goes into our stump removal prices is the size of the holes we dig. Different companies will require different sized holes, and this factor alone can range from a couple of cents per hole through the dollars. For example, our company uses a premium grade diamond bit that can handle any diameter hole up to 18 inches. If the hole is smaller than eighteen inches, however, the company may not use the diamond bit at all.

When it comes to rock and chain augers, just about every company charges more than three cents per diameter inch when removing stumps. In most cases, the larger the diameter of the stump, the higher the price per yard. So, if you're getting ready to remove a stump that's two to three feet in diameter, ask if the company charges more per yard if you use a bigger auger. You'll be surprised at how often companies charge more for bigger pieces of equipment.

Most tree root removal companies charge per hour. Some only charge per cutting. We use a combination of methods to keep the costs down. We grind the stump to the point it breaks down into fine pieces, then we attach plastic tubing to the inside of each stump and send the grinding or breaking rock through the tube at the same time the stump is removed. This causes the grinding sound that most people associate with tree root removal.

Another way to get free, no Commitment project estimates from licensed landscaping pros near you is to get free quotes online. Many companies will give you a quote without requiring any obligation. Just drop off your zip code and they will give you a quote on the cost of to remove a tree stump. Then you can compare these quotes to the prices quoted by other companies and choose the one that best fits your budget.

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