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Ash Tree: A Case For the Stars by Stephen R. Anderson is a very enjoyable, engaging read about Texas High School student Jessica Simpson and her commitment to following her " idols" around as they move from small town to big city. Ash lives with her grandmother, a very "rocky," older women who disapproves of Jessica's boyfriend (a star player in a nearby nightclub), because he refuses to sing for the team. Jessica gets help from her good friend, Jacob (Eli Wallach), who knows how to use the Internet to make friends and even find work, but also knows that being a celebrity does not come without its weaknesses. And so when Jessica's grandmother decides to throw a graduation party for all the hard rockers in town, Jessica's mom tries to convince Jessica not to turn up...

So why should one buy this young adult novel, When There is No One? Well, one could say it's a modern take on the old "girl next door" syndrome. While most teenage girl dreams about meeting their idols, some girl fans like to imagine themselves somewhere else entirely. Texas Fan is a coming-of-age book that encourages young readers to consider where they might be twenty, thirty, or forty years down the road. This book offers that possibility.

The main character in this book is Jessica Simpson. She has a huge following of female fans (and even male ones! ), so it's not surprising to see her in someone else's story. What makes Texas Fan stand out is that author Anderson manages to keep the story engaging throughout its pages, moving from one locale to another with fast-moving dialog and humorous moments. I always loved watching young adults finishing this book and having so much fun imagining where they might be five, ten, or twenty years down the road.

For a book about two young people in their early twenties, the characters are refreshingly realistic. They're fun and engaging, making Texas Fan an enjoyable read for many different age groups. It also captures the essence of Americana, which is something authors of this ilk are very good at: telling the unique stories of ordinary people who nevertheless seem to do great in the big picture. I particularly like how Anderson manages to put himself into the shoes of a teenage girl from Texas, as he was growing up in the south.

In addition to being an engaging read, this novel provides some excellent information on Texas itself and the surrounding area. Sure, it's fun to read about celebrities who have houses there, but Ash Tree is also a smart read that lets you know a bit about this interesting part of America. Young fans of the series will probably enjoy this book more than the first Ash Tree book, but it's worth checking out for those who haven't yet read it. Like Ash Tree, it's a lighthearted romp that's perfect for younger readers who are looking to learn a bit more about this interesting part of American history.

Ash Tree bytexasfanoutlet Reviewed by: texasfanoutlet "Ash Tree" by Jennifer Lechter is a fast-paced book about two high school friends who move to a small town in Texas. Ash and Serena are both very insecure about their appearance (Serena is overweight). They're also both quite intelligent and want to get good grades in school so they can get scholarships. But problems begin when the boys accidentally vandalize Serena's favorite toy truck, forcing her to lock herself in her room. Ash decides to help her friend solve the mystery by going to Ash's parent's house, but things quickly go from bad to worse as the boys are caught by the local police and thrown into the dungeons.

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